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  1. science of us
    Living With a Mysterious Condition That Makes the World Look Like StaticPeople with “visual snow” can have trouble reading, concentrating, balancing, and sometimes just making it through the day.
  2. science of us
    Oliver Sacks’s Latest Book Asks: What Do We Mean When We Talk About ‘the Mind’?The late neurologist’s posthumous essay collection, A River of Consciousness, is more interested in posing questions than in finding the answers.
  3. neurology
    A(nother) Woman Spontaneously Developed a Mysterious British AccentWee bit peculiar, innit?
  4. Maybe We’re Thinking About Pain All WrongScientists thought they knew how the brain processes pain. New research suggests they might be mistaken.
  5. the brain
    Remembering 7 of Oliver Sacks’s Most Fascinating Case StudiesRevisiting the famed neurologist’s work after his death this weekend. 
  6. sleep
    What’s Happening in Your Brain When You Can’t Stay AwakeIt produces hallucinatory B-movie footage, for one thing.
  7. human guinea pig
    I Tried a Brain-Zapping Gadget and It Made Me Feel High“One colleague suggests I avoid direct eye contact; another discourages me from crossing busy Canal Street to get lunch.”
  8. eating
    Is Late-Night Snacking Really Your Brain’s Fault?Digging deeper into a new study.
  9. neurology
    How Watching Reality TV Might Help Bring Out the Best in UsUnderstanding the neurological roots of “vicarious embarrassment.”
  10. game of thrones
    There Was a Real-Life Hodor in 1860s FranceHodor hodor expressive aphasia hodor.
  11. neurology
    Smiling Changes How You View the WorldEvidence from a new brain-scan study.
  12. neurology
    Dopamine Might Make People More EgalitarianAn interesting new study suggests it has some promise at least.
  13. strange cases
    The Woman Who Was Attacked by Her Own HandA case report of alien hand syndrome. 
  14. personality psychology
    Understanding the Two Types of ExtroversionDo you have high levels of agentic extroversion, affiliative extroversion, or neither?
  15. the brain
    You Are Built to Be KindThe biology of being nice. 
  16. football
    High School Football May Lead to Brain ChangesPreliminary evidence that we should be more worried about football.
  17. neurology
    Wait, So Now Physical and Emotional Pain Aren’t the Same Thing?A neurological flip-flop.
  18. neurology
    Why Scratching Just Makes You ItchierIt’s a vicious, itchy circle.
  19. health
    A Strange, Polio-Like Illness Is Paralyzing KidsIt’s not clear what’s causing these cases. 
  20. Keep Writing, and It Will Soon Be AutomaticAnalyzing the brain scans of experienced fiction writers.
  21. epilepsy
    A Woman’s Epilepsy Medication Turned Her Into a Compulsive PoetThis is one odd case study.
  22. decision making
    New Brain Study Shows Why Making Difficult Choices SucksHamburger or cheeseburger? Hamburger or cheeseburger?
  23. How Hallucinogens Taught Dr. Oliver Sacks EmpathyRevisiting the neurologist-slash-writer’s most recent work on his 81st birthday.