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  1. science of us
    I Now Suspect the Vagus Nerve Is the Key to Well-being“Stimulating” it leads to calmness, but how and why?
  2. neuroscience
    When Octopuses Roll on Molly, They Get Happy and Cuddly Just Like UsTheir behavior on the drug could provide insight on the workings of the human brain, and potentially help treat anxiety disorders.
  3. Your Brain Treats a Blink Like a Tiny NapTime slows down when your eyes are closed.
  4. science of us
    Where Empathy Lives in the BrainA new study looks at the neurological changes that take place as kids learn to imagine what others are thinking.
  5. neuroscience
    Here’s the Biggest Study Yet on the Differences Between Male and Female BrainsIt’s becoming clearer and clearer that there are many robust differences between male and female brains — and also lots of overlap.
  6. science of us
    Your Brain Is Built to Make You Good at GossipKnowing the details of others’ lives is a big part of what makes us human.
  7. hearing
    Your Brain Plays a Cool Trick to Help You Hear in Noisy PlacesIt’s called “perceptual restoration,” and you don’t even know when it’s happening.
  8. Museums Are Using Neuroscientists to Help People Understand Art“Our brains are designed to respond to change, diversity, and motion.”
  9. memory
    How the Brains of ‘Memory Athletes’ Are DifferentAs is so often the case in neuroscience, it has to do with connections between different brain areas.
  10. neuroscience
    Why Some Neuroscientists Are Fed Up With NeuroscienceIn a new article, five neuroscientists argue that their field has grown too enamored with flashy toys that don’t really teach us anything.
  11. neuroscience
    Brain Scans Reveal 4 ‘Biotypes’ of DepressionFiguring out the neural machinery that underlies the condition.
  12. Music Tickles the Same Brain System As Sex and DrugsWhich may be why it appears in every human culture.
  13. Emotions Can Help You Remember Unrelated Things, TooYou remember what you feel.
  14. Why Your Brain Becomes More Flexible After Working OutIt takes the foot off the brakes of your brain.
  15. body and brain
    Knowing Your Actual, Literal Heart Reduces Anxiety and Betters DecisionsBecause emotion is sensational.
  16. The Brains of Neurotic People Literally Look DifferentA new study found a link between your personality and the wrinkles in your brain.
  17. science of us
    Here’s What Happens in Your Brain When Your Life Flashes Before Your EyesNew research on the psychology of near-death experiences.
  18. neuroscience
    Is the Default Mode of the Brain to Suffer?Mental meanderings are “the baseline state of you as a cognitive system” — is that a good thing?
  19. neuroscience
    To Understand a Brain’s Age, Focus on More Than NeuronsGet to know your glia.
  20. neuroscience
    Where Will Happens in the BrainThe neuroscience of cognitive control.
  21. science of us
    Scientists Can Hack Your Brain to Help You Forget Your FearsIt’s a trickier form of exposure therapy.
  22. science of us
    Here’s What Happens in Your Brain When You Hear a PunNew research explains the neuroscience of wordplay.
  23. There’s a Form of Synesthesia Where People Literally See Time in Front of ThemIt’s called “calendar synesthesia,” and scientists are using it to understand how our brains process time and space.
  24. This Is What Happens to Your Brain When You Get DrunkAdmit it, you’ve always wanted to know.
  25. Your Repressed Memories Are a Lot Closer Than You ThinkBeware.
  26. This Common Misconception About the Brain Has Been Perpetuated by HollywoodFrom Lucy to Limitless.
  27. neuroscience
    What Happens in the Brains of Blind People Who Do MathThe brain is wonderfully plastic.
  28. What Happens in the Brain When You Create a False MemoryA new study explains.
  29. science of us
    The Man Who Woke Up One Morning and Forgot How to ReadA strange case that settled a long, contentious debate about the brain.
  30. Some Neuroscientists Scanned Sting’s Brain to Help Them Understand CreativityThey’ll be watching him.
  31. Taking a Nap Is Like Letting Marie Kondo Loose in Your BrainScientists are one step closer to understanding why we sleep.
  32. How Prolonged Exposure to Sweet, Blessed Silence Benefits the BrainEarly research is suggesting that quiet is more than just the absence of noise.
  33. If You Want to Remember This, Go for a Run 4 Hours From NowA “comfortably hard” workout is a power-up for memory.
  34. How Neuroscientists Explain the Mind-Clearing Magic of RunningResearch in neuroscience shows a solid link between aerobic exercise and cognitive clarity.
  35. brain stimulation
    How Zapping Your Brain With Electricity Might Make You Temporarily SmarterIn a new study, stimulating one part of the brain had an impressive effect.
  36. Appropriately Trippy Images Reveal What Brains on LSD Look LikeIt’s the first visualization of the brain on the psychedelic drug.
  37. bad science
    No, Brain Waves Can’t Explain PoliticsA CNNMoney segment made it sound like “neural engagement” could explain Donald Trump. Nope.
  38. neuroscience
    Can Neuroscience Explain Why Some People Are Total Pushovers?A new study posits an intriguing link between “cognitive dissonance” and blindly following the crowd.
  39. science of us animations
    Watch This Animation to Learn One Secret From Neuroscience for a Happy MarriageIt’s really not that hard. 
  40. neuroscience
    Neuroscience and Free Will Are Rethinking Their DivorceA new finding casts an old one in a very different, more free-will-friendly light.
  41. nutrition
    How Unhealthy Food Pulls You Toward ItIt has an almost ghostly attraction.
  42. the brain
    A Neuroscientist Explains the Phrase ‘I Just Snapped’Insights from a new book about the brain’s “rage circuit.” 
  43. gratitude
    How Expressing Gratitude Might Change Your BrainA new study suggests that even just an hour of focusing on gratitude might have long-lasting neurological effects.
  44. neuroscience
    Can Brain Scans Predict Who Therapy Will Help?A new neuroscience study points the way to individually tailored mental-health treatments.
  45. neuroscience
    How Popular People’s Brains Are DifferentThere seems to be a self-perpetuating aspect to being one of the cool kids.
  46. gender
    Men’s and Women’s Brains Appear to Age DifferentlyA new study highlights why we shouldn’t assume talk of biological gender differences is always a gateway to misogyny.
  47. embodied cognition
    Your Brain and Your Body Are One and the SameOr so argues a new book by a cognitive scientist.
  48. creativity
    A Writer-Slash-Neuroscientist on How Science Informs His FictionThere are more parallels between what happens in the lab and on the page than you might think. 
  49. jealousy
    When Jealousy and Empathy Collide in the BrainA brain-imaging study suggests that we don’t mind that much when people above us in a hierarchy are in pain.
  50. neuroscience
    Can Neuroscience Explain Why People Are Sexist?A Japanese study claims to have found the brain-scan imprint of misogynistic views.
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