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  1. the brain
    The Neuroscience of Anorexia Reveals Why It’s So Hard to TreatThe behavior associated with the eating disorder is more like a habit than some kind of extreme willpower. 
  2. neuroscience
    How Food Porn Hijacks Your BrainMmm, sweet creamery butter.
  3. the brain
    Win Your Next Argument by Citing Meaningless NeurobabblePeople tend to find explanations that include references to the brain very convincing, even if those references are mostly nonsense. 
  4. neuroscience
    David Eagleman Would Like to Introduce You to Your BrainNeuroscientist David Eagleman wants to make you more conscious.
  5. neuroscience
    Has the Age of Neuromarketing Finally Arrived?Get ready for debates about what is and isn’t an appropriate use of an fMRI machine.
  6. mental illness
    Drugs and Talk Therapy Affect the Brain in Different WaysAnd sometimes they offer complementary benefits, suggests a new study.
  7. neuroscience
    Here’s What Neuroscience’s Newest ‘Genius’ Discovered About the BrainA discovery about your brain cells’ “eat me” signs.
  8. neuroscience
    Does Reading Literature Really Beef Up Your Brain?A new study offers hints.
  9. the brain
    Remembering 7 of Oliver Sacks’s Most Fascinating Case StudiesRevisiting the famed neurologist’s work after his death this weekend. 
  10. the brain
    Some People Can’t Form Pictures in Their HeadsImagine that. 
  11. neuroscience
    The Neuroscience of Being a Selfish JerkBasic fairness apparently doesn’t come naturally to people with Machiavellian traits.
  12. loneliness
    Lonely People’s Brains Work DifferentlyA finding that can help explain some self-perpetuating cycles.
  13. anxiety
    A Neuroscientist Argues That Everybody Is Misunderstanding Fear and AnxietyAnd he thinks it may be his fault.
  14. perception
    Why Screaming Gets Our AttentionWe all know there’s something compelling about shrill shrieks and blood-curdling wails, but a new study casts some light on what that something is.
  15. neuroscience
    At a Neurological Level, Narcissists Are NeedyThey may act confident, but their brains don’t lie.
  16. work
    This Neuroscientist Says Deadlines Crush Your CreativityIt’s because anxiety impedes creative thoughts.
  17. the brain
    How One Brain Came Back From UnconsciousnessA car accident left 19-year-old Dylan Rizzo in a coma. This is the story of the long, perilous crawl to recovery.
  18. atypical
    What It’s Like to Remember Nothing From Your PastNo looking back. Because you can’t.   
  19. strange cases
    The Woman With No Sense of Personal SpaceA real-life close-talker. 
  20. the brain
    Neuroscientist Shaves Her Head So You Dolts Might Understand How Brains WorkDedication. 
  21. How Exercise May Protect Against Alzheimer’sIt’s all about a hormone dubbed Klotho.
  22. strange cases
    The Woman Whose Brain Gave Her a Fake AccentForeign accent syndrome is a rare consequence of a brain injury. 
  23. neuroscience
    What a Neuroscientist Said About Jon Stewart’s BrainComedians may have more in common with rappers than you’d think, for one. 
  24. creativity
    What a Neuroscientist Said About Eminem’s BrainEm might have a tiny dorsolateral prefrontal cortex.
  25. the brain
    You’re Not Losing Your Memory. You’re Just Distracted.The difference between flaky moments of forgetfulness and potential signs of Alzheimer’s.
  26. the brain
    Signs You’re Suffering From ‘Dementia of the Preoccupied’A modern (if made-up) neurological ailment. 
  27. memory
    Can Your Brain Permanently Delete Something Like Your PIN?When trying to recall something you’ve forgotten only ensures that you’ll keep forgetting. 
  28. neuroscience
    Texting Is Supercharging the Part of Our Brain Connected to Our Thumbs Thumbs up to the sensiromotor cortex.
  29. psychology
    Some People Like the Voices in Their HeadsIt’s not always a negative experience. 
  30. memory
    What ‘Serial’ Can Teach us About MemoryWe’re relying on some dangerously outdated notions about how human memory works.
  31. the brain
    Creepy Robot Makes You Feel a Ghostly Presence Spooky.
  32. the brain
    Pregnancy Doesn’t Actually Make Women DumberAnd the “baby brain” myth is likely contributing to prejudice against pregnant women.
  33. the brain
    Let’s Take a Closer Look at Your Brain’s ‘Inner GPS’A conversation with a neuroscientist on the research that just won a Nobel prize. 
  34. child development
    Parents May Soon Have Brain-Boosting Baby ToysVideo from a new study shows how it will work.
  35. neuroscience
    Tweeting While Watching TV Linked to Fewer Brain CellsStop multitasking.
  36. neuroscience
    Who Would Donate a Kidney to a Stranger? An ‘Anti-Psychopath’They’re like psychopaths. But exactly the opposite. 
  37. neuroscience
    This Is Your Brain on PunishmentOur brain overrides our desire to punish someone when it finds out the harm was accidental.