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  1. help the universe is too big and i’m scared
    Here’s a Great This American Life Segment on Being NeuroticWhat do you do when you can’t stop thinking about the big, scary questions, and no one else understands?
  2. Needy Narcissists May Just Be Extreme NeuroticsWhat happens when your distress keeps you from caring about anyone else.
  3. Neurotics Get an Extra Benefit From Being Extra NiceThey have more “room for improvement” in their moods.
  4. personality
    How to (Kind of) Master Your NeuroticismOr: How to adapt to your own personality.
  5. ‘Introvert or Extrovert’ Is the Wrong Way to Define Your IdentityThere’s so much more to personality.
  6. distractions
    Neurotic People Are More Easily Distracted at WorkWorrying about stuff takes up a lot of your attention.
  7. studies
    Neurotic People See Faces in ThingsHiiiiiii.