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New Friends

  1. at the beach
    How to Flirt and Make Friends at a Nude BeachThe etiquette is tricky, but the results can be magnificent. Or so we hear.
  2. new friends
    Lena Dunham and Katie Holmes Had a Nice Date Rosé and tea.
  3. introductions
    What Is This Goddess Doing With George Clooney?Meet Amal Alamuddin, the humanitarian lawyer babe George Clooney tricked into marrying him.
  4. Who Is Marianne Williamson, the Kardashian Kandidate?The California congressional hopeful has the same platform as the other guys and more popular friends.
  5. new friends
    Beyoncé Made a ‘Lean In’ CommercialShe stands with Sheryl Sandberg against bossy.
  6. crime and punishment
    Bieber’s Eyebrow Connoisseur Has a Rap SheetUh-oh.
  7. friendship
    Your Brain Has an Exclusive VIP Line for FriendsOne in, one out. Bribes accepted.
  8. new friends
    Follow Friday: David Hookstead, the Future of Men’s RightsHe once stopped a rape with his bare hands.
  9. new friends
    In Which Fox News Discovers Terry RichardsonThanks, Miley.
  10. recommended reading
    Looking for Smart Women to Follow on Twitter?Read the hashtag, not the listicle.
  11. new friends
    Report: Marissa Mayer Wants to Go Into Business With VogueWhy not?
  12. new friends
    Quinn Stumps Outside a Crisis Pregnancy CenterAnd reproductive-health advocate Sandra Fluke joins her.
  13. new friends
    An Ode to Lindsay Lohan and Kristen Stewart’s New FriendshipAn odd couple that, deep down, makes sense.