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  1. new slang
    Instead of a Fling, Call That Short-Term Romance a CometBright, fast — and your orbits might cross again later.
  2. teens explain things to me
    A Guide to Cool Teen SlangIn: Gucci, Curve, Cyph. Out: YOLO, Swag, Bae.
  3. new slang
    Oh, So We’re Really Going to Call It ‘Squadsgiving’?Sure we wanna do that?
  4. new slang
    Tom Hardy Compares His Penis to a Small Pet BirdNew dong slang!
  5. new slang
    Watch This Visual Guide to Hip-Kid SlangLearn your A-Bae-C’s with i-D.
  6. ontology
    What Does It Really Mean to ‘Turn Up’?And when is it socially acceptable to turn down?
  7. fapstronaut channing tatum
    Channing Tatum, Innocent Songbird, Doesn’t Know What Fap MeansTatum got inducted into the pen-15 club.