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The 43-Day Fashion Shoot

Holly Andres started taking pictures in Portland, circled the nation, and ended in Montana. Along the way, she met these women — and their Americas.

By Holly Andres and Rebecca Ramsey

Queen of the Wood Nymphs

Who else but Kirsten Dunst could star in the Rodarte sisters’ trippy first film?

By Amy Larocca

Fashion for the 67 Percent

Sixty-seven percent of American women wear a size 14-plus. Some savvy entrepreneurs are finally taking notice.

By Ashley C. Ford

Now, This Is a Supermodel

Ashley Graham isn’t a sample size. Which is exactly why she’s become the face of a movement.

By Jada Yuan

Ladies With Lassos

Four women known as the Cowgirls of Color have found a niche within the rodeo community.

By Lindsay Peoples