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  1. power
    Is She a Bully or Did She Just Work for the New York Post?When the paper’s top woman was ousted, not everyone saw her as a victim.
  2. power
    Why Did the New York Post Dox a Paramedic?The tabloid devoted an entire article to a young paramedic who maintained an OnlyFans account as a side gig, sparking outrage.
  3. do not come for marc unless he sends for you
    Marc Jacobs Will Pray for You, New York Post ReporterHe fired back at a story he called “out of context.”
  4. parenthood
    Chirlane McCray Is Not a Bad Mom. She’s Honest.The Post and News seem to fundamentally misunderstand modern parenthood.
  5. boy problems
    Cool Mayor de Blasio Weirdly Judgy About Former Aide’s BoyfriendOne Times columnist blames a sexist Post campaign for Lis Smith’s exclusion from de Blasio’s administration.
  6. it’s almost over
    V-Day Roundup: Lose Your Phone, Meet Your HusbandSays the New York Post’s resident prude/technophobe.
  7. Introducing the Collected Works of Ashley DupréAlso introducing her baby!
  8. mad as hell
    Clinton’s Emotions, Though Fake, Are ScaryThe New York Post is worried about the Clintons’ marriage in the wake of her Benghazi “explosion.”