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New Yorker Festival

  1. work
    I Refused to Write Steve Bannon’s Bio for The New Yorker FestivalIt’s the only time I’ve ever said no to a task at work.
  2. party lines
    Ellie Kemper Thinks Kimmy Schmidt Would Fit in Well in GreenpointNobody bats an eye at the character’s outfits because “everybody there dresses like that.”
  3. party lines
    Sigourney Weaver on Talking to Ronald Reagan About Abortion RightsHe didn’t want to chat.
  4. new yorker festival
    Sleater-Kinney on Riot Grrl, Reuniting, and Portlandia10 things we learned from their New Yorker Festival panel.
  5. our casual dysmorphia
    No One Feels Bad About Lena Dunham’s ThighsPhew.