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  1. sad news
    Art Ortenberg, Cathy Horyn’s Partner, Has DiedHe passed away today at age 87.
  2. dude makeup
    Johnny Depp Is Getting an Award for Wearing MakeupHonored for achievements in guyliner.
  3. equal pay acts
    French Companies Fined Millions for Underpaying WomenThe women’s rights minister is not joking around.
  4. quotables
    Susan Sarandon Supports Bill de Blasio, Not VaginaThe public advocate finds supporters among Christine Quinn’s natural bases: women and lesbians.
  5. milestones
    Are You Ready to Get the News From Two Women?Don’t worry. It’s just PBS.
  6. swaps
    Why Dating a Friend’s Ex, Simon Cowell Style, Can WorkSometimes it works out for the best!
  7. trailblazing
    How Barbara Walters Invented the InternetShe’s the reason women discuss the news online all day long.
  8. the emirati hottie
    Is This the Man Saudi Arabia Deported for Being Too Handsome?Introducing Omar Borkan Al Gala.
  9. slut pills
    Why Isn’t the Pill Available Over the Counter?A Pap smear conspiracy?
  10. vagina monologues
    N.H. Lawmaker Defends Vaginas’ Right to Bear ArmsWhat, your vagina can’t operate a firearm?
  11. allies
    The ‘Bro-Choice’ Movement Is GrowingThese bros want to be part of the solution.
  12. mommy wars
    Survey: More Moms Want to Work Full TimeIncluding Jillian Michaels.
  13. body shop
    Jennifer Love Hewitt Would Insure Her Breasts If Someone AskedAflac? State Farm? Anyone?
  14. dear john (boehner)
    What If Taylor Swift Sang About Congressmen Instead of Exes?She could still sing about Kennedys.
  15. victory lap
    Michelle Obama Thanks Big Business in Wall Street JournalIs this real life?
  16. Times Reporter Threatened When Reporting on Ohio High-School RapeAn abundance of tweets but not enough witnesses.
  17. diplomacy
    Anna Wintour for Ambassador! Ten Good ReasonsThe “nuclear” option.
  18. feminist memes
    Internet Meme Girls Pile on New T Mag Editor Deborah NeedlemanFirst weeks are tough. 
  19. trial and error
    My Failed Attempt to Claim My ‘Free’ Obamacare Birth ControlBetter luck next month.
  20. news
    Nicole Richie for Halston RumorsInternet legend has it she’s going to model or design for them.