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  1. lawsuits
    Newsweek May Be Facing a Huge Gender-Discrimination LawsuitAnd there’s reportedly a particular focus on editor-in-chief Matt McAllester.
  2. trouble
    Somaly Mam and the Perils of Celebrity PhilanthropyThe Cambodian sex trade survivor’s sensationalized stories obscured the real problem.
  3. Angelina: ‘We All Are Malala,’ Including My KidsShe wrote an article about the Pakistani teen.
  4. damage control
    Former Vogue Writer Joan Juliet Buck Claims Asma al-Assad ‘Duped’ HerA blow-by-blow of her disastrous Vogue profile of Syria’s first lady.
  5. the karl of it all
    Karl Lagerfeld Calls Newsweek ‘a Sh-tty Little Paper’He’s still mad about that Robin Givhan story, evidently.
  6. loose threads
    Michelle Obama’s Newsweek Cover; Karl Lagerfeld Collaborates With HoganAlso, Alexander McQueen would have been 41 today.
  7. in vogue
    Michelle Obama’s ‘Vogue’ Cover Still Up in the AirA recent ‘Newsweek’ article proclaimed the cover was slated for March, but ‘Vogue’ says that’s not so.
  8. cover girls
    Video: Fox News Wants Sarah Palin to Be Photoshopped Like a SupermodelThey’re upset she’s not Photoshopped enough, when actually she’s Photoshopped quite a bit.