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Nicholas Hoult

  1. is love dead now?
    Jennifer Lawrence and Nicholas Hoult Are Done With Love, Forever ProbablyAn official rejection of all romance. 
  2. live-in boyfriends are just great roommates!
    Jennifer Lawrence Describes Her Boyfriend As a ‘Great Roommate’Friend-zoning, but in a fun way. 
  3. fashion chaperones
    Jennifer Lawrence, Nicholas Hoult, and Tom Ford All Went to DinnerA merry couple and their adult.
  4. Male Gaze: Nicholas Hoult’s Strong EyebrowsThey look just a little bit Vulcan. In a good way.
  5. loose threads
    Prada’s Advertising and Marketing VP Exits; See Tom Ford’s New Bird ModelsAlso, Marc Jacobs’s arm is in a sling!
  6. loose threads
    John Bartlett to Launch Womenswear Capsule Collection; Martin + Osa Unit Headed to ClosureAnd former Monarchy designer Eric Kim is launching his own line during New York Fashion Week.