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Nick Gruber

  1. party chat
    Nick Gruber Plans to Invent an Olympic SportBut he can’t say what it is yet.
  2. ‘tis the season
    Fashion Party Pics: We Saved the Best for LastThe Cut finished Fashion Week with a blowout at the Gramercy Park Hotel.
  3. true love
    Nick Gruber’s Ex Will Air Footage From His Abandoned Reality ShowLesson No. 1: Don’t leave an unscrupulous ex with hours of video.
  4. true love
    A Version of Nick Gruber’s Tell-all Book ExistsYou know, that one about Calvin Klein.
  5. profile
    How Nick Gruber Became Calvin Klein’s Ex-LoverHe doesn’t believe in labels. Luckily, Klein didn’t either.
  6. quotables
    Nick Gruber No Longer Speaks Ill of Calvin KleinIn interviews, at least.
  7. (boy)friends in high places
    Calvin Klein’s Ex Nick Gruber Plots Momentous Runway ComebackHe’s baaack.
  8. beefs
    Security Guard Tries, Fails to Knock Some Sense Into Nick GruberBy head-butting him.
  9. true love
    Nick Gruber No Longer Writing What Came Between Me and My CalvinBut it had best-seller potential!
  10. true love
    Nick Gruber Totaled His Boyfriend’s CarWhile on a date with a lady.
  11. so real
    Nick Gruber Is Filming His Reality Show TodayIt’s officially here!
  12. the course of true love
    Nick Gruber: ‘I Have a Nickname Called Romeo’Also, Calvin Klein made him take a lie detector test in the basement of a Holiday Inn.
  13. loose threads
    Sonia Rykiel Appoints New Director; Gilt Closes Park & BondPlus, Gilt shuts down their menswear site Park & Bond and contemplates an IPO.
  14. daily gruber
    Like Any Good Ex-Boyfriend, Calvin Klein Is Supposedly Stalking Nick GruberSo. Annoying.
  15. future reality tv stars
    Nick Gruber on a Journey of Self-DiscoveryThat always works out so well.
  16. hot shot
    What Were Peter Brant II and Nick Gruber Singing at Karaoke Last Night?The most important post we’ll ever write.
  17. true love
    Dear Male Models, Calvin Klein Just Isn’t That Into YouSnap.
  18. true love
    Nick Gruber Makes Out With John LucianoBook fodder.
  19. things that are printed on paper
    Nick Gruber Is Writing a Tell-allWe were pulling for something a little more creative.
  20. nice things
    ‘Studious’ Nick Gruber: Calvin Klein Has ‘Been Supportive of My Sobriety’Also, introducing Nastia!
  21. lawsuits
    Gruber Looked ‘Studious’ While Pleading GuiltyHe was sentenced to twenty hours of community service.
  22. hugs not drugs
    Nick Gruber Is a Changed ManHe’s sticking to Red Bull now.
  23. hugs not drugs
    Nick Gruber Had Such an ‘Amazing Learning Experience’ at Rehab“I am so Thankful that I went.”
  24. loose threads
    Kate Upton Played Football in Her Louboutins; Ray-Ban Ad Features Gay CouplePlus, Kristen Stewart covers British Elle.
  25. hugs not drugs
    Nick Gruber Is Reportedly Going to RehabHe packed his wheelie suitcase, and he’s ready to go.
  26. hugs not drugs
    Calvin Klein’s Boyfriend Arrested for CocaineWhoopsies!
  27. quotables
    Calvin Klein and Nick Gruber Are ‘Not Not Together’It’s complicated, clearly.
  28. gratuitous speedos
    Out Magazine Invited Lorenzo Martone to Their Pool PartyWho has a pool party at this time of year though, really?