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Nick Viall

  1. you know what i heard
    January Jones Is Dating … Oh My God, Who?And more in this week’s celebrity gossip column.
  2. bachelor nation
    Watch Nick Viall Promote a Birchbox for Dudes“I’m 36 years old, and I think I look young as f*ck.”
  3. wellness theories
    Corinne Olympios on Napping, Cheese Pasta, and Staying Healthy on The Bachelor“You see some of the girls gain a little bit of weight towards the end of the season.”
  4. after the bachelor
    The Most Depressing Ways The Bachelor Couple Have Described Their Relationship“It’s not the ideal experience.”
  5. U.S. Immigration Will Make It Very Hard for The Bachelor’s Couple to Be TogetherThese two have a tough road ahead.
  6. spoiler alert
    And the Winner of The Bachelor’s 21st Season Is …Did Nick Viall propose to Vanessa or Raven?
  7. social media influencers
    How Bachelor Contestants Cash In After the Show Is OverWe talked to members of the Bachelor franchise to find out.
  8. doing lines
    The Thirstiest Bachelor Is Now Launching a Beauty LineAnd Nick Viall’s keeping the reveal suspenseful.
  9. God Bless Corinne Olympios, the Best Bachelor Contestant of All TimeA celebration of the woman who compared herself to corn.
  10. last night on late night
    Next Season’s Bachelorette Revealed on Jimmy Kimmel Live!The reality series has tapped its first black bachelorette for next season.
  11. casting couch
    ABC Is Finally Getting Its First Black BacheloretteAt last, diversity.
  12. bachelor conspiracy theories
    This Conspiracy Theory Will Change How You Feel About the Bachelor VillainCorinne is not who she seems.
  13. bachelor nation
    Saturday Night Live Takes Aim at The Bachelor’s Nick ViallYou know you’ve made it when SNL makes a sketch about you.
  14. bachelor nation
    Chase McNary Was Also a Front-runner for The Bachelor, But He Lost to Nick ViallHe’d signed the contract and everything.
  15. the bachelor
    Nick Viall Reportedly Slept With One of the Bachelor Contestants AlreadyHe apparently hooked up with her at a wedding and “never called her again.”
  16. bachelor nation
    Nick Viall Is Not The Bachelor Shakeup the World NeededShould we really be surprised?
  17. Former Bachelor and Bachelorette Contestants Tell All!The one who talked about sex, the ones who ended up in a happily monetized marriage, and more. 
  18. the bachelorette
    Why The Bachelorette Wasn’t ‘Slut-Shamed’And it’s harmful to say so.