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  1. front row fashion week reports
    Joe Jonas Fashion Week Dispatch 1Front row and around town with the Cut’s newest correspondent.
  2. new york fugging city
    Fug Girls: Gazing On Nigel Barker’s Smoking Hot NigelryA very attractive calm in the eye of the storm.
  3. beauty news
    Nigel Barker Wants to Make Up Your Face He’s launching a cosmetics collection with his wife.
  4. fugging it up
    Fug Girls: Miley Mania at Rachel ZoeCosmo staffers rushed to their cover girl’s rescue.
  5. new york fugging city
    Fug Girls: Naomi Campbell Works HardAs Nemo kept people inside, Nigel Barker explains how impressed he was by his “tireless” new model and television colleague.
  6. loose threads
    Karl Lagerfeld: ‘Black Is Beautiful’; Rihanna Wore Vintage Chanel SunniesPlus, Jennifer Lawrence says, “In Hollywood, I’m obese. I’m considered a fat actress.”
  7. face off
    Naomi Campbell Still Mad in Promos for The FaceNew modeling show. Same attitude. 
  8. loose threads
    Teen Vogue Hires a New Beauty DirectorPlus, Octavia Spencer covers Elle magazine’s Women in Hollywood issue.
  9. party reports
    Everyone at The Cut’s Launch Party Self-GooglesAnd Coco Rocha reminisces about Vogue.
  10. slash jobs
    Rocha, Kurkova, and Barker to Be on The FaceDare we say that we might watch?
  11. wanna be on top
    Barker, Alexander, and Manuel Cut From Top ModelAnd Bryanboy might be waiting in the wings.
  12. kids these days
    Nigel Barker’s Daughter Once Questioned His Baldness“Dada no hair,” she said. 
  13. wanna be on top
    ANTM Recap: ALT Doesn’t Want the Models’ SaladsHe doesn’t want to buy their lingerie either.
  14. wanna be on top
    ANTM Recap: André Leon Talley Wants to Take Ann to a PartyThe four ladies of Verona posed for a motion editorial this week.
  15. new york fugging city
    Fug Girls: Rebecca Romijn Grilled on Style at Cynthia Rowley Show“It slowly becomes more chic the further East I go.”
  16. someone’s naked!
    In Case You Were Wondering About Nigel Barker’s Chest Hair …British ‘Cosmo’ took a glorious picture of it.
  17. party lines
    Door People Fail to Recognize Kellan Lutz at William Rast’s After-PartyMaybe because he had his shirt on?
  18. wanna be on top and short
    Lauren Conrad and Chanel Iman Keep Television Careers Alive With America’s Next Top ModelThey’re guest-judging Tyra’s new cast of shorty model wannabes.
  19. quotables
    Nigel Barker Is Not on America’s Next Top Model Because He Wants to Be FamousHe is, first and foremost, a photographer.
  20. wanna be on top
    Nigel Barker Not Afraid of Shameless Self-promotionHe wants to be on top, too.
  21. new york fugging city
    Fug Girls: Looking Back on the Fashion Week That WasRemembering New York Fashion Week’s finer moments.
  22. loose threads
    Stores Are Mobbed, But Business Is Slow; Nigel Barker Has a BabyAlso, French ‘Vogue’ will reportedly dedicate an entire issue to Lara Stone, and Roisin Murphy preps for her couture runway debut.
  23. party lines
    Nigel Barker Sees a Future Without ModelsBarker recently used a futuristic prototype camera with extra-long exposures to shoot couture at 2 a.m. on a beach.
  24. new york fugging city
    Fug Girls Shamed by Instant Recognition of Alex McCord at Rosa Cha‘Lost’’s Evangeline Lilly goes unnoticed; Nigel Barker’s heat may blind.
  25. show & tell
    Transparent Pants, Motives at FetherstonFor some attendees at last night’s Erin Fetherston show, the clothes weren’t half as exciting as Nigel Barker.
  26. new york fugging city
    Fug Girls: Celebs Stay Remarkably Un-Sweaty at Yigal AzrouëlIt’s amazing how the social set can look magnificent in this kind of heat. Well, except for Cory Kennedy.
  27. fashion album
    Nigel Barker’s Latest Photo Project: ‘Moon Warriors’That means he shot couture-clad mannequins on the beach in February. It’s riveting.
  28. party lines
    Nigel Barker Is Saving Seal Hunters From Themselves (Not in a Vain Way)Also, he got a lot of backlash for his comment about stopping the Canadians and Norwegians.
  29. party lines
    Christian Siriano on ‘ANTM,’ ‘Project Runway,’ and Fashion WeekHe’d like to see ‘ANTM’ and ‘Runway’ join forces, thinks the current season of ‘Runway’ “sucks,” and will show a full collection on September 11.
  30. cult of personality
    Nigel Barker Talks Baby Seals, ‘ANTM,’ and His KidsBarker’s photography exhibit — an homage to baby Canadian seals — opens Friday. Allow him to wow you with his seal knowledge.
  31. run through
    Nigel Barker’s Pun-tastic Baby-Seal Photography ExhibitNigel Barker’s photographs and video footage from his baby-seal-saving expedition to eastern Canada debut at the end of the month.
  32. loose threads
    Kate Moss Lends Her House to Stella McCartneyAlso, iconic pieces by Yves Saint Laurent hit the auction block, and Carrie’s studded belt is available for presale at Patricia Field.
  33. new york fugging city
    Fug Girls Handicap the Winner of ‘America’s Next Top Model’As tonight’s finale looms, there’s a lot at stake for the lucky winner — but just who will go home with the crown is going to be a tough call. Not even flirty Nigel is playing favorites.
  34. cult of personality
    Nigel Barker: Champion of the Baby SealNews flash! We have officially confirmed noted fashion photographer Nigel Barker does in fact have a soul. Also, Tyra might want to practice introducing him as “noted fashion-slash-nature photographer,” as we’ve just learned Barker has embedded with the Humane Society and selflessly flung himself into the cold nether regions of Eastern Canada to photograph fluffy, white baby harp seals.
  35. new york fugging city
    Betsey Johnson’s Errant Shoe Puts Joan Jett in DangerUsually by this point in Fashion Week, we’re so tired that we start hallucinating celebrities everywhere we look. While this would be divine if we were having visions of Matt Damon, instead there was a split second in which we were convinced we saw Kenneth Branagh wandering around aimlessly in a full-length man mink (strike one), and we thought this one short dude at Carolina Herrera was Lucy Liu (strike two, and we’re sorry about that gender mix-up, Lucy).
  36. show & tell
    Tyra Takes Her Claws to Karlie KlossModel Karlie Kloss is on the rise, but we’re not sure if that’s a good thing if Tyra Banks is in the audience.
  37. show & tell
    Super Bowl Reduces Tuleh to a Ghost TownWhen we saw Nigel Barker Saturday after Sass & Bide, he was cheerfully fielding questions from reporters from Us Weekly and Life & Style and posing for nearly a dozen pictures. You know, the usual Nigel Barker scene.
  38. new york fugging city
    Fugs at Abaeté: Sophia Bush Gives Good Plug
  39. new york fugging city
    The Fug Girls Tackle Laura Bush and Liza Before NoonIt’s a tough call as to which was the more outstanding beginning to Fashion Week: seeing Liza Minnelli burst into “New York, New York” at the Heart Truth’s Red Dress Collection event or being handed a free Diet Coke in a frosty bottle after we fought our way out of the tents.