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Nigella Lawson

  1. sorry!
    I Regret to Inform You That ‘Slut Spaghetti’ Has Been CanceledNigella Lawson rebranded a problematic fave.
  2. wot now?
    Could This Be the Most British Scandal of All Time?It involves Nigella Lawson, buttered toast, and widespread grumbling.
  3. power moves
    Let This Be the Final Word on the ‘When I Was 20’ ChallengeEveryone has been posting photos from when they were 20, for some reason. But now Nigella Lawson’s had her turn.
  4. books
    Nigella Lawson on Food, Feminism, and Men in the KitchenHappy 20th anniversary to a ‘90s cookbook that didn’t intend to be feminist — but was, and still is.
  5. first person
    My Life in Domestic GoddessesWomen who made food look like self-expression.
  6. cut chat room
    Is Eating in Bed a Crime Against Linens?Nigella Lawson thinks not.
  7. chocolate advocacy
    Chocolate Heals Nigella Lawson’s WoundsCelebrity chefs stress-eat too.
  8. celebrity symbolism
    The Problem With Turning Nigella Lawson Into a HeroShe’s silent on the divorce from Saatchi, even if her fans aren’t.
  9. experts will say anything if you pay them enough
    Apparently, Four Out of Five People Look Bad in Black ClothesWithout the proper skin tone, black clothes will make you look like you have bags under your eyes and fissures in your irises.
  10. fur files
    Nigella Lawson Would Wear Fur If She Killed the Animal HerselfAnimal-rights activists are not happy about this.