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  1. loose threads
    Princess Diana’s Designer Dies; Models Forced to Model in Rain at Milan Fashion WeekAlso, Missoni’s hip-hop–inspired spring show draws negative reviews.
  2. overnights
    Project Runway Recap: The Pageant ProblemSince when did pageant gowns get mistaken for couture?
  3. quotables
    Nina Garcia Thinks ‘There’s Diversity Already’ in FashionShe thought the ‘Essence’ controversy was “blown out of proportion.”
  4. make it work
    Project Runway Recap: More Jackie Yo Than Jackie OThe 1960s FLOTUS was the muse for this week’s challenge.
  5. make it work
    Nina Garcia Never Saw Anna Wintour Get Carried Down the Stairs“I am a big admirer of her,” she adds. AW!
  6. make it work
    Project Runway Recap: The Last ResortWherein the designers attempt to make vacation gear that doesn’t look touristy.
  7. new york fugging city
    Fug Girls: Project Runway Show Draws Pop Stars, Slashies, Well-Moisturized ModelsLet’s play the guess-who-wins game!
  8. make it work
    Project Runway Recap: Avocado Goiters and One Sweet PeachPlus, is Ivy the new Gretchen?
  9. make it work
    Project Runway Recap: Tim Gunn Loses His TemperAnd. It. Is. Awesome.
  10. make it work
    Nina Garcia Thinks Fashion Editors Need to Be on TV, Whether They Want to or NotBut wait — who in this business wouldn’t want to?
  11. make it work
    Project Runway Recap: Philip Treacy FTWThe ‘PR’ contestants have to design outfits to complement their PT-designed hats, one of which looks like “a big vagina.”
  12. make it work
    Project Runway Recap: Otherwise Known As the ‘Everybody Hates Gretchen’ EpisodeA.k.a. Casanova guts a dog, a.k.a. AJ kisses up to Betsey Johnson, a.k.a. Tim tells Peach to pull the coal out of her butt.
  13. tastemakers
    Nina Garcia Wants to Be Your ‘Stylist Fairy Godmother’The ‘Marie Claire’ fashion director and ‘Project Runway’ judge dishes on her new book.
  14. make it work
    Project Runway Recap: Who Is the Marie Claire Woman?The contestants design a dress for a billboard in Times Square, and Mondo cries. Aw.
  15. make it work
    Project Runway Recap: Season Eight Kicks Off in New YorkNinety minutes, Lifetime? Ninety minutes!?! That’s just cruel.
  16. ins and outs
    Meredith Melling Burke to Replace Anne Christensen at T?The editor shakeup at ‘T,’ and possibly ‘Vogue,’ ‘Elle,’ ‘Glamour,’ and ‘Marie Claire,’ continues.
  17. show and tell
    Joe Zee and Nina Garcia Disagree on Office ShortsJoe says the ‘Elle’ girls wear them all the time. Nina says she wouldn’t have that.
  18. warnings
    Nina Garcia Fell Outside of Bryant Park YesterdayShe walked away with visible scratches.
  19. make it stop
    Nina Garcia Previews New Project Runway Season, Threatens Us With the Return of Camo PrintsThe reality-show judge and tastemaker announces the frightening return of cargo pants.
  20. party chat
    Lady Gaga at the ACE AwardsAnd more from last night’s ACE awards for accessories.
  21. make it work
    Project Runway Designers Tackle the Concept of Jet-SettingOur plucky contestants design looks for Aspen, Palm Beach, St. Tropez, and basically anywhere else Michael Kors likes to go.
  22. make it work
    Project Runway Designers Get to Use Sequins and Feathers!They have to make a costume for Christina Aguilera, and Tim Gunn says the phrase, “Super sexy slut!”
  23. crazytown
    Tim Gunn on Lohan: Is Ungaro’s Board of Directors Smoking Crack?Let’s just say he doesn’t approve of the line’s new artistic adviser.
  24. make it work
    Has Lifetime Ruined Project Runway? (Updated)Someone who has seen the first episode says maybe not.
  25. beautiful living
    Nina Garcia to Guest-Star on The Beautiful Life’Project Runway’ just isn’t enough for her.
  26. new york fugging city
    Fug Girls: Tori Spelling’s Pancake Makeup Fails to Have Effect of Actual PancakeAt Christian Siriano, the former ‘90210’-er was looking painfully thin.
  27. new york fugging city
    Fug Girls: Jessica Stroup Flies Under the Radar at HerreraThough she’s arguably more famous than the likes of Leigh Lezark, the ‘90210’ star quietly sat in the hipster’s shadow.
  28. loose threads
    Kilgour Drops Its Men’s Show; Michael Kors Plans Miami ShowAlso, the owners of Oak are opening a bar, and more details on Nina Garcia’s new show.
  29. scantily clad hotties
    The Girls and Boys From Ipanema: Summer Fashion Week in RioSee Hamish Bowles, Natalia Vodianova, Nina Garcia, and oodles of models in teeny bathing suits.
  30. slutoween
    Nina Garcia Purchased Naughty Schoolgirl Halloween Costume at Ricky’sShe says it was the “easiest” thing to find on the fly.
  31. first looks
    Inside ‘Project Runway’ Alum Daniel Vosovic’s New Fashion Book’Fashion Inside Out: Daniel V’s Guide to How Style Happens From Inspiration to Runway and Beyond’ drops today.
  32. make it work
    Lifetime Enters the ‘Project Runway’ Lawsuit, Delays Air Date FurtherWe thought the show would return to the air next summer, but now it could take even longer.
  33. make it work
    Protest Thwarts ‘Project Runway’ Taping in L.A.WGA workers put on a raucous display during a taping on Rodeo Drive.
  34. make it work
    ‘Runway’ Recap: The Finale Is Upon Us!The final four show their collections, and Kenley reminds us why we still don’t like her.
  35. make it work
    Lawsuit Majorly Delays Sixth Season of ‘Project Runway’It probably won’t hit the air until late next summer.
  36. make it work
    ‘Runway’ Recap: Too Many Tears and a Side of Shoddy EveningwearAnd Kenley continues acting like a bitch. Surprise, surprise.
  37. make it work
    ‘Runway’ Recap: Mom Challenge Brings Out the UglySuede’s making pirate sleeves, and Joe’s making pocket squares. Has the world gone mad?
  38. show and tell
    BREAKING: Nina Garcia Looks DispleasedA live update from the show.
  39. the fab life
    Fab Life: Backstage at Derek LamWe went backstage to chat up the designer and his A-list fans.
  40. fashion reality shows
    ‘Marie Claire’ Gets Its Own Reality ShowThe docudrama will include private video confessionals by interns.
  41. survival tips
    After the Storm: Tory Burch Survived Deluge by Going BarefootWhen the storm hit, fashionistas were driven to drastic measures.
  42. new york fugging city
    Fug Girls: Celebs Stay Remarkably Un-Sweaty at Yigal AzrouëlIt’s amazing how the social set can look magnificent in this kind of heat. Well, except for Cory Kennedy.
  43. cult of personality
    Nina Garcia Has Never Seen ‘Stylista’The ‘Runway’ judge and fashion editor gamely answered questions at Barnes & Noble last night to promote her new book.
  44. Bravo Wants You to Host ‘Project Runway’ Tea Parties and Photograph ThemAnd then post them on their brand-new Website, B-Hive, where you’ll also find ‘Project’ online bingo.
  45. cult of personality
    Nina Garcia at ‘Marie Claire’: Too Comfortable, Too Soon?Her ‘Elle’ contract prohibits her from doing work at ‘Marie Claire’ until September 1, but she’s already conducting run-throughs!
  46. loose threads
    YSL Retrospective Skips New York; Jay Manuel Gets SuedAlso, Tom Ford has his eyes on Vegas, Bar Refaeli scores two huge campaigns, and Nina Garcia is rolling in it.
  47. new york fugging city
    ‘Project Runway’ Returns: Our Early ThoughtsAfter all the drama leading up to this season’s premiere of ‘Project Runway,’ we had our worries — but the Fug Girls think it’s all gonna be okay.
  48. party lines
    Brooke Shields Felt Like an Amateur on ‘Project Runway’She adds she became really emotional over the two-day shoot and had to try to “keep it professional.”
  49. run through
    Garcia Is Saddened by ‘Project Runway’ Relocation; Klum Is NotKlum says the designers on the show can do what they do “anywhere,” even on Mars.
  50. loose threads
    Donatella Wins Superstar Award; Akris Rakes in Cash; Gisele Gets SuedDonatella Versace will win the Superstar Award from Fashion Group International, Akris broke sales records at Bergdorf, and Gisele’s carpenter is suing her.
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