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  1. skin matters
    Nivea Can’t Stop Being the Most Problematic Skin-Care BrandThe German company would like to give black people lighter skin.
  2. mothers and daughters
    When I Miss My Mom I Put on Her Eye Cream“Ashes to ashes, stuff to stuff.”
  3. campaign trail
    What Could Possibly Go Wrong With Nivea’s ‘White Is Purity’ Ad Campaign?Yikes.
  4. vanities
    Why a Jet-setting Editor Can’t Stop Buying This Drugstore MoisturizerShiona Turini on her beauty routine and her secret celebrity facialist.
  5. lab rat
    Stop Complaining About Your Dry Skin and Use This LotionThere’s a reason it’s a decades-old favorite.
  6. lab rat
    How to Totally Moisturize in the ShowerA dry-skin game-changer.
  7. faces of things
    Who Cares About Nivea When Rihanna’s Got Barbados?She’s the new “face” of the country.
  8. ins and outs
    Nivea Has Beef With Rihanna’s SexinessThe CEO of Nivea’s parent company, Beiersdorf, thinks she’s too scandalous for the brand.
  9. loose threads
    Ringless Miranda Kerr; Nicole Richie’s SketchesPlus, Kate Moss covers Harper Bazaar Ukraine’s August issue.
  10. beauty marks
    Eucerin’s Parent Company Faces Financial Woes; Camilla Belle’s Updo Deemed ExcitingAlso, learn how to tame flyaways with a dryer fluff, and more major breaking beauty news.
  11. beauty marks
    Jessica Biel Restages Revlon Ad From 1952; Nivea Ads Banned in the U.K.Plus, J.Crew and L’Occitane have teamed up for the holidays.
  12. body issues
    New British Agency Bans Size 0 ModelsWe’ve known for a long time that in order for the number of frighteningly thin models on runways and in magazines to diminish, someone would actually have to do something rather than just talk about it. It would have been awesome if that person were, say, Marc Jacobs, but we’ll settle for Camille Parker Bowles’s nephew Ben Elliot. He’s just launched a modeling agency in the U.K. called Quintessentially Models which doesn’t sign any “size 0” girls.