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    Dairy Milk Is Even More Useless Than You ThoughtA new report looks closely at the (lack of) evidence surrounding the USDA recommendation of three servings a day.
  2. politics
    Stand by Your Man, Jill, But We Don’t Have to Stand With YouJill Biden says what we’re all thinking about her husband: Other candidates are better.
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    Keep This Cursed Mind-Reading Device Away From MeResearchers have developed something that can transcribe the words you think.
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    Amy Schumer’s Boyfriend Masterfully Shoos Away PhotographersHint: Turn the spotlight.
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    These Days Naomi Campbell Laughs at the Term ‘Supermodel’“It was coined by whatever losers.”
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    Attention Subway Pervs: Move to Italy, Where That Kind of Thing Is Now LegalEven if it’s done with the clear aim of being seen by other people, Italy’s highest court ruled masturbating in public isn’t illegal.
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    Nothing Good Can Come of a Dirty Dancing RebootNo new reboots.
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    The Curious World of Face Bras: An InvestigationThey claim to fix sagging jawlines, but instead they just look terrifying.