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Noah Centineo

  1. hairy situations
    The To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before Sequel Has So Many BarrettesLara Jean is back with Peter Kavinsky and plenty of things in her hair.
  2. inspiration
    Another Beautiful Parable From Noah CentineoWhat does it mean?
  3. culture
    Noah Centineo and His New Girlfriend Have Made It Red-Carpet OfficialThe noted hunk appeared on the red carpet with Dancing With the Stars alumna Alexis Ren.
  4. famous hair
    Noah Centineo’s Hair Is No MoreAnother one bites the dust.
  5. whyyyy
    Humanity Suffers Latest IndignityNoah Centineo bleached his beard.
  6. noah centineo
    Your Internet Boyfriend Got You Content for ChristmasTired: A festive Yule Log video. Wired: Peter Kavinsky in the hot tub.
  7. ghosting
    Busy Phillips Feels Bad About Outing Noah Centineo’s Shady BehaviorBusy Phillips said the 22-year-old actor apologized to her friend for ghosting.
  8. hubba hubba
    Noah Centineo, Shameless HeartthrobMy date with the best thirst architect the internet’s ever seen.
  9. journeys
    Noah Centineo’s Twitter Has Convinced Me That I Am Strong and Deserving of LovePeter Kavinsky … thank you.
  10. summer of love
    Don’t Tell Lana Condor Who She Can LoveThe star of the summer’s best romantic comedy, To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before, on scrunchies, representation, and how she handles the haters.