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  1. science
    Two Women Have Won the Nobel Prize in ChemistryEmmanuelle Charpentier and Jennifer Doudna have been recognized for “rewriting the code of life.”
  2. and the winner is…
    This Year’s Nobel Peace Prize Awarded to Sexual-Violence ActivistsNadia Murad, once held as an ISIS sex slave, is now a U.N. ambassador. Denis Mukwege is a surgeon who’s dedicated his career to treating rape victims.
  3. women in science
    Scientist Wins $3 Million Prize, Years After Man Won the Nobel for Her DiscoveryJocelyn Bell Burnell discovered pulsars — but her male supervisor won the Nobel for it.
  4. sexual assualt
    Nobel Scandal: French Photographer Faces Two Charges of RapeJean-Claude Arnault has been at the center of a sex-abuse scandal that has rocked the Nobel literature community.
  5. #metoo
    Nobel Prize in Literature Will Not Be Awarded Due to Sexual Abuse AllegationsIt’s the first time since World War II they’ve postponed giving the award.
  6. suspicious
    Was Trump’s Nobel Peace Prize Nomination a Fraud?The awarding committee is investigating.
  7. sexual harassment
    Former Member of Norwegian Royal Family Accuses Kevin Spacey of Groping HimDuring a Nobel Peace Prize event ten years ago in Oslo.
  8. literature
    Kazuo Ishiguro Is Sorry Margaret Atwood Didn’t Win the Nobel Prize“I apologize to Margaret Atwood that it’s not her getting this prize.”
  9. amirite
    Every Woman Deserves a Nobel Prize This YearBut for some reason, no woman is getting one.
  10. A Nobel Prize–Winning Economist on Life in 2015What a time to be alive (but really). 
  11. she blinded me with science (and sequins)
    Nobel Winner Accepted Her Award in a Gown Studded With NeuronsRe-created in sequins.
  12. the brain
    Let’s Take a Closer Look at Your Brain’s ‘Inner GPS’A conversation with a neuroscientist on the research that just won a Nobel prize.