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  1. buyer’s guide
    Art and Accessories Inspired by Wanderlust at Nor.FolksPainted Converses, vintage handbags, handmade jewelry, and more.
  2. girls on film
    Kirsten Dunst, Video JournalistaThe actress is a natural journalist, we suspect.
  3. body issues
    Do Runway Models Look Healthier This Season?The Associated Press thinks so. We’re still not sure.
  4. new york fugging city
    Fug Girls: Anna and the Great Freight Elevator at PhiAnna Wintour inadvertently wandered into a hot, bright sunbeam shooting through a skylight and, we swear, visibly recoiled.
  5. Keith Richards Talks Sperm at Liv Tyler’s PartyWe spotted Keith Richards holding court among some younger women last night at Liv Tyler’s cocktail party for the Hearts on Fire jewelry line at the Rose Bar.
  6. crime and punishment
    Kanye West Arrested!He allegedly smashed paparazzi cameras at LAX airport this morning.
  7. douchebag diary
    How Not to Hit On Models: A PrimerWhat happens when you send a cute but clueless guy out to go hit on models? Hint: The wrong kind of sparks go a-flying.