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North Dakota

  1. shmashmortion
    North Dakota’s Pro-choice Republican Is ‘Terrified’State representative Kathy Hawken is at her wit’s end.
  2. shmashmortion
    You’ll Never Guess What This Freshman Republican Blamed on Roe v. WadeRhymes with grool grootings.
  3. shmashmortion
    N.D. Abortion Ban to Show Women They Don’t Want Abortions AnywayBy making them very hard to get.
  4. shmashmortion
    North Dakota Reclaims ‘Worst State for Women’ Title From ArkansasSees Arkansas’s twelve-week abortion ban, raises it six weeks.
  5. sausagefests
    Wearing Skirts Is Dangerous in India and North DakotaAre male-skewed populations less safe for women?