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  1. q & a
    Acts of Service Is a New Kind of Queer NovelIn Lillian Fishman’s debut, a queer woman grapples with the discomforts and pleasure of heterosexual desire.
  2. fiction
    Talking Around the Elephant in the RoomThey could publish books about bitcoin and black holes, but they couldn’t understand why it was important to have more diverse authors.
  3. encounter
    Nobody Knows How to Be a Grown-up, Least of All Cecily von ZiegesarThe Gossip Girl author has a new novel, Cobble Hill, about Brooklyn parents.
  4. write it
    Writing Historical Fiction As History Repeats ItselfLiving through the urgency of this moment, I’ve found that writing parts of my novel required something more of me.
  5. shelf improvement
    The Fantasy Series I Reread in Times of CrisisIt’s like literary Xanax.