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  1. celebrity
    Let’s Talk About the Other Chris Evans PicWhat is this intriguing meme he accidentally posted alongside his nude?
  2. the cut podcast
    The Joy of SextOn this week’s The Cut podcast, a plea to end the mediocre dick pic.
  3. nudes
    More People Should Get Naked on InstagramAnd by “people” I mean celebrities.
  4. love these days
    Time to Take Some NudesA guide to taking a great naked photo, whether or not you own a full-length mirror.
  5. australia fires
    Model Says Her Nudes Raised $700,000 for Australian Fire Relief“Every $10 you donate = one nude picture from me to your DM. You must send me confirmation that you donated.”
  6. always shopping
    These Practical but Sleek Nude Heels Come in 5 Skin TonesBy a former Goldman Sachs VP who wanted her shoes to match her legs.
  7. Justin Bieber Is Having a Very Bad SummerHackers posted nudes of Bieber on Selena Gomez’s Instagram.
  8. let’s makeup
    Bobbi Brown on Why She Really Left Her Brand and Didn’t Make a Contour Palette“Even supersmart women want to feel good.”
  9. gallery
    See Female Nudes Taken Around the World (NSFW)Inside Amanda Charchian’s Pheromone Hotbox.
  10. just underwear
    A Guide for What to Wear Under White Clothing Practical undergarments.
  11. tribeca film festival
    Laverne Cox Prepped for Her Nude Photo Shoot With Macaroni and Cheese“I was my biggest weight during that photo shoot.”
  12. photography
    See Todd Hido’s Haunting Hotel Room Nudes Talking to the San Francisco–based photographer about some of his lesser-known work.
  13. nudie pics
    Hipsters Get Naked for New Art ShowRyan McGinley’s new show features 700 portraits.
  14. sextortion
    California Revenge Pornographer Gets Five YearsHe extorted 350 women for 3,000 nudes.