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  1. wow
    Is Jason Momoa Allergic to Pants?“I actually don’t even like wearing clothes anymore.”
  2. oh!
    Allow Sydney Sweeney’s Grandma to Give Her Take on the Euphoria NudityTFW you invite your family to the Euphoria premiere and forget about the nude scenes.
  3. is this chivalry?
    Leonardo DiCaprio, Guardian of ButtsHe put a stop to Meryl Streep’s butt’s nude scene, purportedly out of respect.
  4. sigh
    Someone Needs to Tell the Celebs to StopGuess who’s getting naked for … democracy … ?
  5. good points
    Naked Man at Planet Fitness Says He Thought It Was a ‘Judgment-Free Zone’Turns out there are limits to everything.
  6. the theater
    Actor in Nude Hamlet Production Hopes Audiences Don’t Just Focus on the NudityGood luck with that, buddy.
  7. re-rebranding
    Playboy to Return to Nudes, Great News for Everyone Who Reads It for the NudesThe magazine had previously said they were no longer featuring nude photographs as of March 2016.
  8. Personal Reflection
    Ranking Every Date on Dating Naked Season 3 Based on How Comfortable I’d BeSnorkeling? Sure. Dancing around with a toilet plunger stuck to my head? Not so much.
  9. bike people
    Thousands of Naked Cyclists Ride Through Philadelphia to Promote ChafingAlso, to promote body positivity.
  10. Emily Ratajkowski Subverts the Male Gaze, Risks Injuring Her CrotchShe also gave an interview to feminist author Naomi Wolf.
  11. hmmmmmm
    Art Installation Featuring Naked Women Probably Not the Best Way to Anger TrumpSpencer Tunick is planning a NSFW installation at the Republican National Convention.
  12. dong watch
    Emilia Clarke Wants More Dong Shots on Game of ThronesHear, hear.
  13. our casual dysmorphia
    What 10 Nude Athletes Can Teach You About Loving Your Body“I think it’s important to show that athletes come in all shapes and sizes.”
  14. at the beach
    How to Flirt and Make Friends at a Nude BeachThe etiquette is tricky, but the results can be magnificent. Or so we hear.
  15. quotables
    Lena Dunham’s Co-workers Can Draw Her CervixLiberal nudity policies on the set of Girls.
  16. daniel radcliffe
    Daniel Radcliffe Declined to Wear a Plastic G-StringMusings on “modesty patches.”
  17. fashion rules
    Diane von Furstenberg Says You Can Go Topless Until You’re 40 Phew.
  18. nudity enthusiasts
    Timely Report: Queen Victoria Was Very Into NudityCommissioning all the nudie artwork. 
  19. Sky Ferreira Doesn’t Care If Her Feminist Nudity Angers You“At this point, I feel like I’m doing a bad job of being a feminist if I’m not making someone angry.”
  20. neighbors
    Whatever to Your Neighbors, Just Be Naked: A DefenseStop worrying so much!
  21. nudity
    How to Be Naked in a Full-Length, Long-Sleeve GownAn oxymoronic study of clothed nudity.
  22. inevitable things
    Robin Thicke’s Harem Now Naked From Waist DownThe man who mistook naked ladies for lint rollers.
  23. strange canadian rituals
    Bieber Serenaded His Grandma While Naked; Is That Weird?For Canadian Thanksgiving.
  24. cover girls
    Amanda Seyfried’s Publicist Saved Her From a Nude ShootBut why?
  25. mammaries
    Bro Teaches Bro About Boobs: A Cautionary TaleDo not show your boobs to these people.
  26. cover girls
    Oh, Fine, Look at Rihanna and Kate Moss Naked TogetherIt was inevitable, really.
  27. first looks
    The 2013 Pirelli Calendar: Why the Models Aren’t NudePhotographer Steve McCurry answers our questions.
  28. her mossness
    Kate Moss on Heroin, Johnny Depp, Galliano, and ‘Facial Tourette’s’“Carla Bruni took me out for lunch once. She was really nice.”
  29. the opposite sexts
    Body Acceptance in the Age of the SelfieCan naked self-shots improve self-esteem?
  30. duchesses!!!
    Kate Middleton Photographed Near Someone Else’s NipplesAnd more big moments from their weekend in Southeast Asia.
  31. crown jewels
    Prince Harry Shuts Down Fake Facebook Page, Gets Sympathy From Nathan LanePlus, a Playgirl centerfold?
  32. naked-o-meter
    The Male Olympian Nudity IndexThe Cut gets super scientific measuring male athletes’ nudity.
  33. quotables
    Emmanuelle Alt on Nude Models in Vogue: ‘These Girls Have Parents Who Are Looking at the Magazine’But she’s pro-nudity all the same.
  34. model tracker
    Lydia Hearst Has More Nudity on the WayShe filmed a sex scene with Jason Behr for her upcoming film ‘The Last International Playboy.’
  35. awkward situations
    Why Naked Models Backstage Aren’t EroticSome of them are only 16, for starters.
  36. party lines
    Tom Ford Is Not Happy With How His ‘GQ’ Penis Essay Turned OutHe was under the impression the nude models’ penises wouldn’t be censored. But then he picked up the magazine and alas! They were covered by shadows and text boxes.
  37. loose threads
    Kristin Davis on the Magic of the ‘Sex and the City’ ClosetKristin Davis explains the magic of a ‘Sex and the City’ wardrobe fitting, Patricia Field’s style icon is Cleopatra, and what Joe Zee ad-libbed on ‘Ugly Betty.’
  38. run through
    On the Matter of Miley Cyrus’s Bedsheet’Vanity Fair’ fashion and style director Michael Roberts is upset everyone called Cyrus’s attire a “bedsheet.” It’s actually a specially-made satin stole.
  39. loose threads
    Nude Gisele Photos Up for Auction Again; Nina Garcia Mulls OnA topless photo of Gisele will be auctioned at Christie’s for a suggested price of $12k, Nina Garcia’s still out at ‘Elle,’ and TomKat will attend the Met gala next week.
  40. body issues
    Tom Ford Wants You to Be Okay With PenisesTom Ford doesn’t want the world to be uncomfortable looking at or talking about the glories of the naked male physique, and he’ll help you learn to love.