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  1. media
    Nylon Magazine Is Shutting Down Its Print EditionThe October print issue will be its last.
  2. wow that was fast
    Allure Magazine Fires Editor-in-Chief After Two Decades And hires Michelle Lee.
  3. wow that was fast
    Just Like That, Nylon Has a New Editor-in-ChiefMelissa Giannini will be replacing Michelle Lee at the magazine.
  4. q&a
    Q&A: Dani Stahl Talks Personal Style and Her New Gig at Keaton RowShe joins the start-up Keaton Row as its first creative director.
  5. cover girls
    Mischa Barton Gets Two Magazine Covers and a BabyIt’s too early to call this a comeback, but …
  6. beauty marks
    Mariah Carey Releases Three New Scents; Tanning Addiction May Be Classified As a Medical DisorderPlus, Theirry Mugler’s fishy new fragrance.
  7. loose threads
    Recession Might Claim 12 Percent of Vendors; Milla Jovovich WedsAlso, Marc Jacobs’s ex takes to Twitter.
  8. peach pit
    Video: Peaches Geldof Looks for ‘Weirdos Rocking the Denim’While wearing an acid-wash denim jumpsuit.
  9. silly hipsters
    Nylon’s Print Edition Isn’t Going AnywhereWe don’t make the news, we just report it.
  10. peach pit
    Peaches Geldof’s New Reality Show Will Be Like The Hills (UPDATED)BBC America doesn’t want it to bomb like MTV U.K.’s last attempt at Peaches Geldof reality TV.
  11. peach pit
    The Many Fashion Phases of Peaches GeldofAs chronicled in detail in her latest ‘Nylon’ column.
  12. peach pit
    Peaches Geldof Hates Victoria Beckham’s StyleHer latest column is out, and boy, do her fashion musings intrigue.
  13. peach pit
    Peaches Geldof Displays New Levels of AwesomenessHer column for ‘Nylon’ magazine debuted, and it is so special.
  14. topshop tears
    Topshop to October Magazines: ‘You Got Punked!’No one’s more upset about about Topshop’s Stateside delay than magazines, whose October issues trumpet the new, as yet-unopened store.
  15. adventures with avery
    Video: Sean Avery Talks About Playing With Dolls As a ChildThere’s more where that came from in ESPN’s profile of Sean’s double life as a hockey player and fashionisto.
  16. girls behaving bratty
    MTV Exec: Peaches Geldof Isn’t a Very Nice PersonIt seems the ‘Nylon’ editor won’t come off very well in the new documentary about her.
  17. fashion goddesses
    Vivienne Westwood Still Trying to Save Rain ForestsAnd God bless her for it.
  18. silly hipsters
    Erin Wasson: ‘Homeless People Have the Best Style’“Like, when I go down to Venice beach and I see the homeless, like, I’m like ‘Oh my God, they’re pulling out, like, crazy looks and they, like, pulled shit out of like garbage cans.’ “
  19. run through
    Gap’s Patrick Robinson Is Quite the Popular Fellow“Nylon’ and ‘Glamour’ show the designer some major editorial love.
  20. model tracker
    Naomi Campbell Settles Another Housekeeper Abuse CaseIt’s the eight such case of Naomi purportedly abusing her staff. In a sick twist, this housekeeper’s husband got her the job with Campbell.
  21. loose threads
    Alessandro Dell’Acqua to Helm Malo; Coach Gets Busy in ChinaDell’Acqua replaces the 6267 designers, who went to Ferré last month; Coach plans to open 50 stores in China; and Roberto Cavalli celebrates his new wine.
  22. fashion album
    Something’s Familiar About Blake Lively’s ‘Nylon’ CoverWhy is she wearing virtually the exact same outfit that she wore in ‘Teen Vogue’ a few months ago?
  23. party lines
    Richie Rich Shares More About His Unicorn LoveRichie Rich & Co. sure do love their unicorns. But surely not all unicorns are horny beasts? We found out at the ‘Nylon’ party the other night.
  24. first looks
    A Chloë-Chloé Monopoly on ‘Nylon’Chloë Sevigny continues to toe the blurry line between serious actress and controversial fashion icon, but for today’s purposes, we’ll focus on the fashion end of things.