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  1. lawsuits
    A Former Chief Has Accused the NYPD of Rampant Gender DiscriminationA new lawsuit alleges that the department systematically excludes women from top positions.
  2. nypd
    Disturbing Footage Shows NYPD Shoving Woman Into Unmarked VanSeveral officers grabbed a teenager off the street in the middle of a protest, then sped away.
  3. protests
    This Is How the NYPD Treated Black Lives Matter ProtestersOver 60 videos show officers punching, tackling, and beating Black Lives Matter protesters, often seemingly at random.
  4. power
    Wait, What Happened With the NYPD and Shake Shack?A new report shows how police officials spread an untrue, unsubstantiated story about officers being served “poisoned milkshakes.”
  5. protest
    NYPD Officer Charged After Shoving a Protester to the GroundVincent D’Andraia is the first NYPD officer to be charged over his interactions with a protester since the demonstrations began.
  6. disappearances
    Missing 14-Year-Old Girl Returns Home After 5-Day DisappearanceJenna Alexa Hospedales had last been seen leaving Brooklyn Technical High School on January 9.
  7. power
    NYPD Officer Arrested for Molesting a 12-Year-Old GirlDetective Juan Jimenez is accused of groping and trying to kiss a child in his Brooklyn apartment this summer.
  8. crime
    No Prison Time for Ex-Cops Accused of Raping a Teen in CustodyThe officers admitted to having teenage sex with a suspect in the back of their police van.
  9. crime
    David Blaine Faces Two New Sexual-Assault AccusationsThe department has reportedly taken statements from two women.
  10. crime
    Two Cops Accused of Raping Teen Have Their Charges Dropped“It’s just a horrible message that they won’t prosecute a rape case against cops.”
  11. power
    Jazmine Headley Gets Public Apology After NYPD Tore Her Son From Her ArmsMembers of the City Council said they were sorry for how she was treated and “deeply grateful” for her bravery.
  12. power
    Jazmine Headley Speaks Out for First Time Since Video of NYPD ConfrontationHeadley says she plans to file a lawsuit to prevent this from happening to anyone else.
  13. power
    Jazmine Headley’s Arrest Shows the Danger of Mothering While BlackIt’s strange to feel heartened when someone who should never have been arrested is released.
  14. power
    Disturbing Video Shows NYPD Officers Ripping 1-Year-Old From Mother’s ArmsShe’s now in custody at Rikers Island for resisting arrest.
  15. crime
    How the NYPD Is Reportedly Failing Sexual-Assault VictimsAccording to a disturbing new report from the city’s Department of Investigation.
  16. justice
    When Walking While Trans Is a CrimeThe NYPD says it’s taking a more sensitive approach to sex work, but not everyone benefits.
  17. sexual assault
    NYPD Reportedly Investigating Terry Richardson for Sexual AssaultAfter a number of women have made allegations against him.
  18. data sets
    Rape Rates Remain the Same As Crime in New York City Hits All-Time LowAccording to the latest data from the NYPD.
  19. cyber harassment
    Cyberstalking Victim Calls Out NYPD for Failing to Protect HerRead victim Francesca Rossi’s full statement to the court at Juan Thompson’s sentencing.
  20. power
    NYPD Officers Allegedly Harassed a Rape Victim So She Wouldn’t Press ChargesNine NYPD officers reportedly showed up at the hospital and questioned her story.
  21. crime
    NYPD Detectives Charged With Rape of Teen GirlEdward Martins and Richard Hall are accused of assaulting an 18-year-old in a police van after arresting her.
  22. sexual assault
    Cops Accused of Rape Say Accuser’s Selfies Prove She Isn’t a ‘Depressed Victim’Lawyers for the NYPD officers tried to use the victim’s ‘provocative’ social-media posts as evidence that she was not ‘depressed.’
  23. lawsuits
    NYPD Officer Says She Was Harassed for Years for Wearing a HijabShe filed a lawsuit in Brooklyn federal court for civil-rights violations.
  24. sexual assault
    NYPD Captain Apologizes for Controversial Comments About RapeAfter saying he was “not too worried” about rapes committed by people the victim knows.
  25. sexual assault
    NYPD Only Focusing on Investigating Rapes Committed by Strangers“If there’s a true stranger rape, those are the troubling ones.”
  26. Gropers Must Attack Several Victims Before NYPD Officers Make Arrests: ReportA new report shines a light on this alleged policy.
  27. crime and punishment
    Now That It’s Spring We Can All Start Worrying About UpskirtingCreepy subway dudes, you’ve been warned.
  28. order in the court
    Barneys Just Settled With the Customer From Its Racial-Profiling SuitTo the tune of $45,000.
  29. New Study Links Stop-and-Frisk With AnxietyAnd more police stops meant worse mental health. 
  30. This Tweet From Bill Bratton Marked a Historic Shift in NYPD Anti-Drug PolicyThe NYPD is starting to treat drug users like human beings rather than criminals.
  31. shop and frisk
    Jay Z Promises to Help Barneys Fix Its Racial Profiling Problem But he won’t be cancelling his collaboration with the store.
  32. lawsuits
    Man Detained for Shopping at Barneys While Black [Updated]The store says they were not involved.
  33. dubious makeovers
    Vogue on Sandy Relief: Just Add Ball Gowns, Models [Updated]Karlie Kloss, can you turn our power back on?
  34. poop patrol
    Alex Kuczynski Thinks Fat People Look Like Giant BabiesAlso, why ABC’s double standard is a total party pooper.
  35. busted
    NYPD Cracks Down on 31 Canal Street Knockoff ShopsInterestingly enough, the presence of cops did not scare away the handbag whisperers. You know who we mean.