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Obama 2012

  1. friends in high places
    Wintour and Obama Had a Pleasant Time Last NightAmid the green lawns, Colonial architecture, and lapping waves of Long Island Sound …
  2. wintour wonderland
    Anna Wintour to Host Another Obama Fund-raising DinnerThis time in Greenwich, Connecticut.
  3. fun-raising
    Sarah Jessica Parker Is Getting Her Furniture, Tchotchkes Back This Very MomentThey’re currently packed up in cardboard boxes on the corner of West 10th and West 4th Streets.
  4. wintour wonderland
    Did Anna Wintour Veto Sarah Jessica Parker’s Furniture?“Anna wanted less shabby, and more chic.”
  5. wintour wonderland
    Chanel Iman Replaced Iman at Anna Wintour’s Runway to Win Event Last NightYes, it’s confusing — but maybe that’s the point.
  6. wintour wonderland
    Is Anna Wintour Angling for an Ambassador Post in London?Probably not.
  7. stuck in the mittle
    See Which Fashion Folks Donated to Mitt Romney’s CampaignThe president of Jockey International gave him $450!
  8. friends in high places
    Anna Wintour Bundled Lots More Money for Obama Last NightShe and Scarlett Johansson hosted a party last night for Runway to Win.
  9. friends in high places
    Beyoncé and Tina Knowles Made a T-Shirt for ObamaAs part of Anna Wintour’s “Runway to Win” initiative.