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  1. extremely online
    I Can’t Shut Up About Obama’s Summer PlaylistThere’s no way the former president is actually shaking it to Lil Yachty.
  2. the body politic
    America Is Back, IndeedWith Biden, we’ve restored our country’s favorite tradition: basic, middling, white patriarchy.
  3. hot shot
    Now That’s How You Wear a Pair of ChinosBarack Obama gives us all a lesson on dad style.
  4. burning questions
    Obama Also Loves ‘Fleabag’I wonder what he thought of season one, specifically the pilot?
  5. men’s fashion
    Let’s Not Call Obama Stylish Just YetIt’s not exactly true that he ditched office and discovered fashion.
  6. politics
    7 Reasons Michelle Obama Should Just Be First Lady ForeverAll the things we’ll miss about the First Lady.
  7. dad moments
    Embarrassing Dad Obama Caught Dancing to ‘Hotline Bling’We used to call him on his West Wing phone, late night when we needed his input on matters of national security.
  8. shine theory
    Obama’s Female Staffers Made Sure Their Voices Were Heard With a Genius StrategyShine theory in action.
  9. women’s health
    New Rule Would Prevent States From Defunding Abortion ProvidersThe Obama administration introduced a new rule that would block states from defunding Planned Parenthood for frivolous reasons.
  10. white house
    See Michelle and Barack Obama Grace the Cover of EssenceThe couple are on the November 2016 issue of “Essence.”
  11. the cha cha slide
    Obama Is in Full Vacation Dad Mode on Martha’s VineyardTonight I’m having two gin-and-tonics.
  12. stories
    The Night That Obama and Hillary Founded ISISThey were down in the White House kitchen eating Popsicles when he asked if he could tell her a secret.
  13. gender parity
    Obama Calls for Workplace Gender EqualityThe president emphasized that we still have a long way to go to achieve parity.
  14. graduation day
    In Praise of America’s Coolest Teen, Malia ObamaShe graduates from high school today.
  15. Watch Suboi, a Female Vietnamese Rapper, Shut Down Gender Stereotypes for ObamaAlso, Obama can’t really beatbox.
  16. Obama Has SenioritisBarely eight more months, pal.
  17. hot shot
    Prince George Can’t Even Bother to Wear Pants for the President“Who is this man?”
  18. cuba libre
    Cool Teen Is Now a Presidential TranslatorMalia Obama, that is.
  19. trudeaun’t go breaking my heart
    Historic Hotness Summit Did Not End With a KissSadly.
  20. motherhood
    Can We Solve Our Child-Care Problem?The State of the Union is just the start.
  21. fame
    Kim Kardashian Made an Obama Avatar for Her Phone GameKim Kardashian: Hollywood/White House. 
  22. proud parents
    Malia Went to Prom and Obama Has Got the Dad EmotionsMaking funnies about classified details.  
  23. initiatives
    Obama to Tackle Campus Sexual AssaultA new White House report calls it a “particular problem.”
  24. sexiest healthcare alive
    Adam Levine Brings You Sexiest Health-Care AliveHe’s prepared for this his whole life.
  25. mean boys
    Stephanie Cutter Is Getting It From All SidesUnflattering portraiture in the Daily Caller and MSNBC alike.
  26. represent?
    Is Obama Hiring Enough Women?And how much do we care?
  27. it’s getting better
    Obama Administration Curious About BisexualityThe White House will host its first-ever discussion of bisexual issues.
  28. body politic
    The Daughter Problem: Obama and Teen Girl Sex PanicThe president may be setting policies based on his preteen daughters, but all women have to live with the consequences.
  29. scoldings
    Judge Calls Bullsh*t on Obama’s Plan B PuntSomething Bush would have done, he said.
  30. platonic flirtations
    President Obama and Ruth Bader Ginsburg Have Adorable BromancePlus: How the First Lady convinced the president to quit smoking.
  31. presidential firsts
    Obama Said ‘Gay’ and Other Inauguration FirstsSomething is a-changing.
  32. politics
    Women Donated Almost Half of Obama Campaign CashSmart shoppers.
  33. our casual dysmoprhia
    Being the President Is a Good DietPresident Obama got his pre-baby body back!
  34. the karl of it all
    For Karl Lagerfeld, Obama Is a Pastry Chef; the White House, a Delicious CakeMost delicious.
  35. trends
    Brian Williams Coins Term ‘Air Force One Jacket Envy’“If you’re anyone else but the president, you’re at an instant garment disadvantage.”
  36. loose threads
    Kristen Stewart Goes Shoeless on Jimmy FallonPlus, Tyra Banks covers Arise magazine.
  37. topics like it’s hot
    But What Does the CEO of Hot Topic Think of Obama?WWD investigates.
  38. loose threads
    Obama’s Girls Think Cell Phone Holster Is ‘Dorky’; Cacharel Loses CEOPlus, Karlie Kloss wears a big red cape on the cover of Vogue China.
  39. i’m a i’m a a diva
    Obama Gets a Love Letter From Beyoncé“You are the leader to take us from where we are to where we need to be.”
  40. video
    A Supercut of Women’s Issues at Last Night’s DebateLorraine? May I call you Lorraine?
  41. How to Be a Good Single Mom, According to Obama and RomneyOnly one requires you to get married before you have the baby so it doesn’t grow up to be a killer.
  42. President Obama’s Face Fits on Katy Perry’s ThumbsAnd pinky and index fingers, too.
  43. cover girls
    Obama Shares Glamour Cover With Taylor Swift’s ‘Surprise’ FaceAlso, “How to Look Skinny in Sweaters.”
  44. friends in high places
    Only Gwyneth Paltrow Posed for Pictures at Anna Wintour’s Obama Fund-raiserCameron Diaz, not so much.
  45. loose threads
    Betsey Johnson’s Daughter to Start Fashion Line; Beyoncé Wore Red to Host ObamaPlus, Beyoncé wore red to host Obama.
  46. loose threads
    Nearly 80 Percent of New York Models Were WhitePlus, the Daily interviewed a cigarette.
  47. highly effective people
    Anna Wintour Is Obama’s Fourth Biggest Fund-raiserMust she do everything herself? 
  48. loose threads
    Obama in Glamour; Bye-Bye, Billabong?Plus, Emma Stone covers Interview.
  49. lipstick jungle
    Azealia Banks’s Alter Ego Gets Her Own LipstickBy M.A.C.
  50. political scents
    Soon You Can Rub Some ‘Mint Romney’ All Over YourselfObama’s smells like citrus, for lack of a better pun.
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