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  1. obamacare
    Amy Coney Barrett’s First Case Could Decimate The ACAIn two weeks, she and the other conservative Supreme Court justices could rule to gut the ACA — leaving millions of people uninsured in a pandemic.
  2. women’s health
    Trump May Roll Back the Rule That Requires Employers to Pay for Birth ControlAs part of Trump’s promise to expand employers’ religious freedom.
  3. politics
    Tomi Lahren Admits She Is Still on Her Parent’s Health InsuranceThanks to a key provision of Obamacare.
  4. GOP Senator Apologizes After Mocking Breast-Cancer Screening Coverage“I sure don’t want my mammogram benefits taken away.”
  5. politics
    GOP Lawmaker Wonders Aloud Why Men Should Pay for Prenatal CareRepublican Representative John Shimkus objects to certain “mandates” in Obamacare.
  6. politics
    GOP’s Obamacare Replacement Bill Defunds Planned Parenthood by Limiting MedicaidThe bill also limits coverage for abortions in the private insurance market.
  7. politics
    Women Got All Up in This Virginia Congressman’s ‘Grill’ at Rowdy Town HallRepresentative Dave Brat heard from those women Tuesday night.
  8. Pro-Planned Parenthood Rallies Are Happening All Across America This WeekendNearly 100 events are planned for President’s Day weekend.
  9. behavioral economics
    A Two-Word Psychological Concept Can Explain the Anger Over Obamacare RepealPeople are much more likely to get riled about the prospect of having something taken from them as opposed to given to them.
  10. politics
    The GOP Just Took a Step Toward Making Birth Control More ExpensiveIn a “vote-a-thon” that lasted until 1 a.m. Thursday morning.
  11. hear us out
    Pro-Choice Policy Actually Reduces the Abortion RatePresenting some enlightening stats.
  12. the trump effect
    How, Exactly, Could Trump Get Rid of Free Birth Control?Obamacare’s contraception mandate could be on the chopping block.
  13. things that pay off
    Why Birth Control Should Be FreeIt’s powerful preventive care unlike almost anything else in medicine.
  14. beauty is pain
    Indoor Tanning Salon Owners Blame Obamacare for Bad BusinessHarsh burn, dude.
  15. sexiest healthcare alive
    Adam Levine Brings You Sexiest Health-Care AliveHe’s prepared for this his whole life.
  16. clarifications
    Fox News Says Obamacare Ran Ads in CosmoWhich is … not true.
  17. slut pills
    Obama Lets Religious Groups Off the Hook for Birth ControlWomen can get co-pay-free contraception through an independent policy.
  18. women’s issues
    Sotomayor Rules in Favor of Contraceptives, Against Hobby LobbyEmployers, take note.
  19. pill baby pill
    Another Judge Blocks Obama’s Contraception MandateHere we come, Supreme Court!
  20. trial and error
    My Failed Attempt to Claim My ‘Free’ Obamacare Birth ControlBetter luck next month.