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  1. science of us
    Are These the Food Rules That Will Save Us All?An argument for eating meat once a week.
  2. science of us
    Nuts Are Life, the Rest Is Just DetailsSome recent news on nuts and obesity.
  3. science of us
    If Only There Were a Keto Flu ShotMemories of my first encounter with ketosis.
  4. science of us
    Rethinking the $20 I Spend a Week on Almond ButterReasons to return to peanut.
  5. causes
    Ivana Trump Apparently Wants to Combat Obesity in AmericaShe’s reportedly taking up Michelle Obama’s old cause.
  6. Three Healthy Behaviors Linked With a Longer LifeA new, complicated study on lifestyle and longevity.
  7. weighty matters
    Apparently There Are at Least 59 Types of ObesityAnd they probably require different treatments.
  8. American Babies Are Getting Less FatNutrition works.
  9. This FDA-Approved Obesity Pump Actually Sucks Food Out of Your StomachAs you might imagine, there are lots of side effects.
  10. Here’s a Little Good News About Obesity in AmericaThis is still a crisis, but in a few states things are actually improving a bit.
  11. Preventing Obesity in Kids Starts Even Before They’re BornLike, first-trimester early.
  12. Hibernating Bears Hold Clues to Human ObesityEat, nap, repeat.
  13. Overweight People Judge Distances to Be Further Than They Really AreBecause what you see is how you can act.
  14. voyeurism
    The Biggest Loser Is Organized Fat-Shaming, So How Is It Still on TV?The show perpetuates the notion that people are obese because they’re lazy.
  15. weighty matters
    Why the Conversation About Obesity Needs to ChangeStruggling to lose weight doesn’t make you a failure.
  16. This Is Why So Many Labrador Retrievers Are So Very FatGenes found in obese Labs may help scientists better understand how to help some obese humans.
  17. obesity
    What Your Body-Shape Trajectory Says About Your HealthIt’s not just whether you’re an unhealthy weight at a given point, suggests a new study — it’s the trajectory you’re on.
  18. Skipping the Most Important Meal of the Day Could Have Some Ugly ConsequencesKids who eat two breakfasts are more likely to avoid obesity than those who eat none.
  19. Can Mindfulness Reduce Mindless Eating?A new study offers some promising hints about how to get people to stop eating all the chips.
  20. More Bad News for Fans of Menu Calorie CountsA new study gives even more reason to be skeptical that they can nudge people from cheeseburgers to salads.
  21. weight loss
    Oprah’s Investment in Weight Watchers Was Smart Because the Program Doesn’t WorkOprah was right to invest in a program that has so many repeat customers.
  22. bullying
    Weight Discrimination Might Be DeadlyJust another sign of the depressing amount of damage that can be done by bullying-related behaviors.
  23. nutrition
    A Sneaky Experiment About Calorie CountsIt complicates the current thinking about the best way to nudge people to make better food choices.
  24. studies
    6,000 Calories a Day Is Bad for You, Turns OutAlso: No exercising allowed. 
  25. obesity
    Let’s All Remember That Fat-Shaming — Which Is Mean — Doesn’t Even WorkPeople who argue in favor of the tactic say it guilts the overweight into eating less. It doesn’t.
  26. atypical
    What It’s Like to Lose 350 PoundsAnd be blind. And be a carnival worker.
  27. puppies!!!!!!
    Unrealistic Beauty Standards Making Dogs FatFat-shaming your dog is the new fat-shaming your kid.
  28. eating
    Is Late-Night Snacking Really Your Brain’s Fault?Digging deeper into a new study.
  29. appetite
    More Proof That Gluttony (and Restraint) Are ContagiousA new rundown of studies shows that your best bet for eating less may be to dine with friends who can control themselves.
  30. obesity
    Parents Are Getting Worse at Telling When Their Kids Are OverweightParent-goggles are getting cloudier.
  31. obesity
    ‘You Can’t Outrun a Bad Diet,’ Argue ResearchersThey think we need to put much more of the blame on what we’re eating, which is hurting people of all shapes and sizes.
  32. health
    It Looks Like L.A.’s Fast-Food Ban Didn’t WorkAnd there are lots of reasons why it didn’t work.
  33. social psychology
    Feeling Fat Is a Self-Fulfilling ProphecyNormal-weight 16-year-olds who believed they were overweight were 40 percent more likely to become obese before they turned 30.
  34. health
    Going From Extremely Lazy to Pretty Lazy Could Be LifesavingIn a European study, the biggest gap in mortality risk was between “inactive” and “moderately inactive” folks.
  35. obesity
    Does ‘Healthy Obesity’ Actually Exist?Healthy today (probably) doesn’t mean healthy tomorrow.
  36. obesity
    Scientists Discovered a Food Additive That Might Make You Feel FullerWe’re still waiting on an additive to make broccoli taste like pizza.
  37. science of us
    Don’t Fall Into This Thanksgiving Fitness TrapWe think mild exercise doesn’t matter if we’re gorging ourself, but that’s probably incorrect.
  38. The Photographer Who Captures Fat-Shaming on CameraTalking to Haley Morris-Cafiero about her powerful photographs of strangers reacting to her body.
  39. obesity
    Fat-Shaming Doesn’t Work, Is MeanNon-breaking news from a recent study.
  40. obesity
    Obese People May Enjoy Food LessBut they also may be more susceptible to its initial pull.
  41. obesity
    Action Movies May Make You Fatter Than Other GenresPass the popcorn — this is gonna be good.
  42. nutrition
    A New Study Suggests Everyone Loses With Massive Restaurant PortionsThe fuller a food makes us, the less likely we’ll be to seek it out in the near future.
  43. Parents Think Their Obese Kids Are HealthyEven when they’ve enrolled them in an obesity clinic.
  44. A Strange New Insight Into Female ObesityWomen who are obese don’t accurately respond to certain food-related cues.
  45. A Week in the Life of 50 Overweight WomenResearchers investigate weight stigma in everyday life. 
  46. It Hurts More to Be Obese in Skinny PlacesObese people report less of a dip in life satisfaction when they are surrounded by other obese people.
  47. scents of things
    Obesity Has a ScentTop notes of methane and hydrogen.