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  1. obituaries
    RIP: The Woman Who Pioneered Sex ResearchBefore she worked with William Masters, Virginia Johnson had her own experiments.
  2. sad things
    Ottavio Missoni, Founder of the Brand, Has DiedA rough year for the Missoni family.
  3. depressing
    No One Notices When We DieMen take up more space than women in obituary pages.
  4. obituaries
    Photographer Brian Duffy DiesHe shot some of the most famous images of the sixties.
  5. obituaries
    Dallas Modeling Agent Kim Dawson DiedShe launched the careers of models like Erin Wasson and Bridget Hall.
  6. obituaries
    Irving Penn Is DeadThe photographer died this morning at the age of 92.
  7. obituaries
    Yves Saint Laurent Muse Maxime de la Falaise DiesThe writer, designer, and model was 86.
  8. obituaries
    Hawaiian-Shirt Creator Alfred Shaheen DiesThe designer put the Hawaiian shirt on the fashion map when Elvis Presley wore one on an album cover.
  9. obituaries
    French Unisex-Fashion Pioneer Ted Lapidus DiesThe Parisian “designer of the street” was known for pioneering the sixties unisex look.
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    Italian Designer Mila Schon DiesThe designer known for introducing geometric shapes and double-faced fabrics was 92.