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  1. love and war
    This Model Had an Awful Uber Ride Home With a Man Who Kept Objectifying HerLindsey Wixson put the driver on blast in an Instagram post.
  2. This French Journalist Kissed a Woman’s Breasts on Live TV Without ConsentIt happened during a Kim Kardashian robbery reenactment.
  3. kim kardashian robbery
    This Kim Kardashian Robbery Halloween Costume Has Gone Too FarWhat a fun way to degrade the victim of a violent crime.
  4. objectification
    Arya Stark Is Not Here for Your ObjectificationMaisie Williams called out the Daily Mail for a sleazy headline about her. 
  5. objectification
    An Ode to This Hot Norwegian Navy Officer’s Spectacular BeardEvery hair is beautiful.
  6. fantasy
    Like You, Zadie Smith Objectifies Sad Hunk Jon Snow “Eye candy.”
  7. good looks
    Sometimes a Little Objectification Can Be a Good ThingThe exception to a feminist rule.