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  1. obsessive tester
    The 11 Best Glittery EyeshadowsIncluding what was used on Euphoria.
  2. obsessive tester
    The Best Leave-in Conditioners for Dry, Damaged, and Dull HairSofter, smoother, and shinier hair is just a spritz (or squirt) away.
  3. obsessive tester
    The 20 Best Drugstore MascarasThey lengthen, lift, and thicken lashes for just a few dollars.
  4. obsessive tester
    The 14 Best Moisturizers for a Seriously Dry FaceHere are the most winter-proof face creams.
  5. obsessive tester
    The Best 13 Foundations for Dry SkinPlus two that weren’t our favorites.
  6. obsessive tester
    The 16 Best Waterproof MascarasFor lashes that won’t melt off.
  7. sealed with a kiss
    I Found the Best Matte Drugstore LipstickAfter conducting intensive research.
  8. it's the best
    The 10 Best Hair Oils for Sleek, Gleaming HairOoh, shiny!
  9. obsessive tester
    The Best Tinted Sunscreens for Darker Skin TonesThere aren’t many options — but we found a few worth noting.
  10. obsessive tester
    The 13 Best Hair DryersHow do the Dyson, Harry Josh, and some under-the-radar picks stack up against each other?
  11. obsessive tester
    The 17 Best Foundations for Oily SkinWhen you want to look dewy but not greasy.
  12. obsessive tester
    The 15 Best Highlighters for All OccasionsAfter rigorous testing, here are our favorites.
  13. obsessive tester
    6 Women Review Everlane’s New Day Glove FlatsIt’s the brand’s most affordable (and comfortable) shoe yet.
  14. obsessive tester
    Here Are the Best Rain Boots for Wide CalvesNever jam your legs into uncomfortable boots again.
  15. obsessive tester
    Which Face Brush Is Actually Worth Buying?Which face brushes will make your skin shine, not suffer.
  16. obsessive tester
    I Found the Best High-Waisted Leggings for Every WorkoutAfter spending three months testing over 20 pairs.
  17. obsessive tester
    I Found the Best Shampoo for Dry HairAfter rigorous testing.
  18. obsessive tester
    I Found the Best Drugstore Brow PencilAfter testing a ton of them.
  19. obsessive tester
    I Found the Best Dry ShampooAfter rigorous testing.
  20. obsessive tester
    The 10 Best Body Exfoliators for Super-Smooth SkinStarting at $4.
  21. obsessive tester
    The Best Black Leggings According to a Workout FanaticI’ve tested them while spinning, running, and rock climbing.
  22. obsessive tester
    The 7 Best Shower Oils for Super-Soft SkinFrom a drugstore deal to a perfect gift.
  23. obsessive tester
    The Best Faux Leather Jackets for Under $200We tested them all.
  24. obsessive tester
    The Best Detangling Sprays for Dry, Knotty HairFrom drugstore options to luxury sprays.
  25. obsessive tester
    How Do You Solve a Problem Like Chub Rub?There are, actually, quite a few good solutions.
  26. obsessive tester
    The Best and Worst Luxury and Drugstore Volume ShampoosHere’s the drugstore shampoo that outperformed the rest.
  27. obsessive tester
    9 Spray-On Sunscreens That Make Avoiding Sun Damage EasyNo extra set of hands required.
  28. obsessive tester
    7 Nail Polishes That Last Without ChippingAnd remove easily with nail-polish remover.
  29. obsessive tester
    These 6 Self-Tanners Are the Best for a Believable TanYou can spray, rub, and even wipe on your most natural fake tan.
  30. obsessive tester
    5 Face Self-Tanners That Impart a Believable GlowHow to not look like a splotchy giraffe.
  31. Testing the Best White Jeans to Wear All Year RoundWhen it comes to white denim, the only rule is that it should flatter you.
  32. obsessive tester
    What’s the Best Mosquito Repellent?Because getting bit bites.
  33. obsessive tester
    What Is the Best Nail Polish Remover Money Can Buy?Because you’ll wear glitter polish at least once in your life.
  34. obsessive tester
    Best Leg Makeup for a Sunless Summer GlowNo real tan, no problem. 
  35. obsessive tester
    5 Fancy Shower Caps, Tested by a Large HeadSolutions to a very specific problem.
  36. 12 Luxurious Cleansers for Your Winter-Battered SkinA deep-dive into cleansing balms.
  37. obsessive tester
    What’s the Best Eyeliner for a Perfect Cat-Eye?Four options that won’t budge, even if you’re a sweaty, oily mess like me.
  38. obsessive tester
    The Best Primers for Shine-Free SkinGet matte.
  39. obsessive tester
    6 Eye Masks Tested by a Tired PersonLook refreshed even when you’re not.
  40. A Non-Beauty Editor’s Guide to Red LipstickSeeing lots of red through trial and error. 
  41. crazy beauty rabbit holes
    Does Slimy Snail Cream Do Anything for Your Face?We find out by testing eight of them. 
  42. face off
    I Tried This Weird New Beauty Trend: Blurry FaceIt’s like I’m moving 100 miles an hour, standing still. Not really.
  43. canna-beauty
    Can You Get High From a Marijuana-Laced Lip Balm? Dry mouth, maybe, but no dry lips.
  44. obsessive tester
    How to Find Your Foundation Soul Mate: Testing 8 New VarietiesTwo editors test eight new formulas. 
  45. obsessive tester
    5 Organic Mascaras That Are Surprisingly EffectiveShailene would approve. 
  46. obsessive tester
    8 Beauty Tricks to Get Whiter EyeballsClear eyes, full hearts, can’t lose.
  47. obsessive tester
    The 5 Best Sunscreens You Need This SummerAnd three to skip. 
  48. obsessive tester
    Is Your Face Wash Killing This Dolphin?Try these exfoliators that do not contain microbeads. 
  49. obsessive tester
    How to Stop Your Face From Shining Without Using PowderBecause mature and ma-ture are two very different things.
  50. obsessive tester
    9 Perfect Lip Colors for the BeachDon’t become a Venus flytrap for sand and hair. 
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