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  1. face off
    I Tried This Weird New Beauty Trend: Blurry FaceIt’s like I’m moving 100 miles an hour, standing still. Not really.
  2. canna-beauty
    Can You Get High From a Marijuana-Laced Lip Balm? Dry mouth, maybe, but no dry lips.
  3. obsessive tester
    How to Find Your Foundation Soul Mate: Testing 8 New VarietiesTwo editors test eight new formulas. 
  4. obsessive tester
    5 Organic Mascaras That Are Surprisingly EffectiveShailene would approve. 
  5. obsessive tester
    8 Beauty Tricks to Get Whiter EyeballsClear eyes, full hearts, can’t lose.
  6. obsessive tester
    The 5 Best Sunscreens You Need This SummerAnd three to skip. 
  7. obsessive tester
    Is Your Face Wash Killing This Dolphin?Try these exfoliators that do not contain microbeads. 
  8. obsessive tester
    How to Stop Your Face From Shining Without Using PowderBecause mature and ma-ture are two very different things.
  9. obsessive tester
    9 Perfect Lip Colors for the BeachDon’t become a Venus flytrap for sand and hair. 
  10. obsessive tester
    5 Liquid Eyeliners Tested In Workout ClassThe good, the bad, and the completely smudged. 
  11. obsessive tester
    5 New, Ultraluxurious Face Sheet MasksLook like a very well-moisturized Hannibal Lecter.
  12. obsessive tester
    Obsessive Tester: What Are the Best Konjac Sponges?Evaluating the genre of exfoliating sponges.
  13. obsessive tester
    Obsessive Tester: Do We Still Hate Lip Gloss?Five Cut editors tried out spring’s newest formulations. 
  14. obsessive tester
    Obsessive Tester: Making the Case for Dry ConditionerIt’s like fabric softener for your hair. 
  15. obsessive tester
    Obsessive Tester: Trying the New Pre-Wash Hair TreatmentsLike skin care for your hair. 
  16. the gym is your living room
    From Figurerobics to Pilatesology: The 7 Best Online WorkoutsTremble-cise in the comfort of your own living room.
  17. best of
    7 Secret Japanese Drugstore Beauty BuysFrench pharmacy products were so last year.
  18. obsessive tester
    Which Cleansing Balm Makes Your Face Radiant?Great moisturizing alternatives to soap.
  19. obsessive tester
    Which Body Scrub Ensures the Smoothest Skin?You’ll be softer than a seal. 
  20. obsessive tester
    Testing Salt Sprays: Which Works Best for Beachy Waves With No Ocean in Sight?Only one gets you close to Gisele Bündchen’s level of awesomeness.
  21. obsessive tester
    Which Root Touch-ups Work Best Between Salon Visits?For those days weeks when you can’t quite make it to get your hair dyed.
  22. obsessive tester
    Do Any of These Hippie Deodorants Work?Obsessively testing aluminum-free deodorants.
  23. obsessive tester
    Which New ‘CC Cream’ Stands Up to Summer’s Humidity?Like BB creams, but with anti-aging benefits and a “dewy glow.” But which works best?
  24. obsessive tester
    Which Waterproof Mascara Can Survive the Heat?When your face feels like melting, at least you won’t worry about raccoon eyes.
  25. obsessive tester
    Which Bronzing Body Oil Makes Skin Most Glowy?Sparkle size matters.
  26. obsessive tester
    One Hair Product to Tame the Unruliest of Curls Because too many products on the market are overly gooey and sticky.
  27. obsessive tester
    Which Light, Liquid Sunscreen ‘Veil’ Works the Best?In case you want to feel like you’re not wearing sunscreen at all.
  28. obsessive tester
    Testing the World’s Most Luxurious Lipsticks Are any worth paying more than $50 for?
  29. Primers Help Oily Complexions, But Which One Works Best?Only one will hide pores, keep complexions matte, and make foundations all-day-strong.
  30. obsessive tester
    In Search of the Perfect Motorcycle JacketTest-driving the best motorcycle jackets.
  31. obsessive tester
    Which Mattifying Powder Keeps Skin Shine-Free?It’s a battle between pressed and loose, pigmented and translucent.
  32. obsessive tester
    One Liquid Liner Will Make You Feel Like a Pro But we had to test ten others to be sure.
  33. obsessive tester
    Which Nail-Polish Remover Takes Off Glitter Polish the Best?From traditional acetone to soy-based wipes, we tried them all on the peskiest of polishes.
  34. obsessive tester
    Should You Swap Your Daily Moisturizer for Face Oil?Determining the best of eight shine-fighting, hydrating, sometimes-miracle products.
  35. obsessive tester
    The Best Winter Static-Fighters for Baby-Fine HairMy airborne strands learn the law of gravity.
  36. obsessive tester
    The Best Products for Faking Perfect Brows We tried everything from pencils to powders, markers, and questionable gels.
  37. obsessive tester
    Which Concealer Is Best for Trouble Spots?We tried out nine, and only one is great for both the under-eye area and blemishes.
  38. obsessive tester
    Which Liquid Blush Gives the Most Natural Look?Plus, which of nine brands (and shades) is easiest to work with. 
  39. obsessive tester
    Which Blotting Paper Works the Best?Obsessively testing the best oil-absorbing sheets to see which keeps faces free of shine.
  40. obsessive tester
    Who Makes the Best Dry Shampoo?For freedom from the tyranny of showers — or surviving Hurricane Sandy power outages.
  41. obsessive tester
    Clean Your Face Like the French DoWhich “cleansing water” works the best?
  42. Obsessive Tester: Matte Lipstick Showdown Tarte’s lightweight, goo free formula wins.