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  1. obviousness
    Gisele Got Out of a Speeding TicketOn Cape Cod, like a true Boston local.
  2. obviousness
    Breaking: Anna Wintour Is Extremely Well ConnectedA university scholar has assessed this through careful research.
  3. obviousness
    Taylor Momsen Is the (Not at All) Surprise Face of Madonna’s Material Girl LineShe looks like Xtina!
  4. obviousness
    Guess What! Sarah Jessica Parker’s Marie Claire Cover Was Photoshopped!Her hands don’t really look like that, sillies!
  5. obviousness
    Lady Gaga to Return to Fashion WeekLike you didn’t see this coming.
  6. obviousness
    Project Runway’s Ratings Dipped on LifetimeSurprise, surprise.
  7. obviousness
    McKinsey Consultants Likely to Advise Condé Nast to Cut Back on Photo ShootsAlso, they’re apparently a sexy bunch.
  8. obviousness
    Forbes: Anna Wintour Is the Most Powerful Magazine Fashion EditorBut we knew that.
  9. obviousness
    This Just In: Tanning Beds Are As Bad for You As SmokingAlso, arsenic and mustard gas.
  10. obviousness
    The City Renewed for a Second Season!As if you didn’t see this coming!