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  1. first person
    Could I Still Be Ambitious Without My OCD?I quieted my anxious thoughts by working hard. That only made my disorder worse.
  2. science of us
    Pregnancy Put My OCD Into OverdriveMy new compulsions were all about protecting my developing fetus.
  3. Dogs With OCD Are Helping Scientists Understand the Human VersionIn dogs, the disorder can manifest itself as compulsive tail-chasing, licking, or chewing.
  4. A New Theory on OCD: Maybe It’s About ‘Guilt-Sensitivity’Those who “found guilt unbearable” were also the most likely to report compulsive checking.
  5. Is Superior Memory Really a Form of OCD?Some researchers say yes, but others are skeptical.
  6. mental health
    Psychosurgeons Are Burning Away OCD With LasersIt’s being used as a last resort for severe mental illness.