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Ocean's Eight

  1. ocean's eight
    The Diamond Necklace Stolen in Ocean’s 8 Was Originally Designed for a Rich ManAnd more fun facts about the real Cartier piece.
  2. hairy situations
    Why Did Sandra Bullock’s Hair Look So Good in Prison?Oceans 8 hairstylist Lona Vigi did her job too well.
  3. remember when?
    Remember the Time Anne Hathaway Dated a Con Man?The actress has more in common with her Ocean’s 8 character than you might think.
  4. press tours
    The Ocean’s 8 Cast All Worship Cate BlanchettDon’t you?
  5. met gala 2018
    Please Don’t Forget There’s a Met Gala Movie Coming Out This SummerHere’s everything we know about Ocean’s 8.
  6. trailer mix
    Watch Rihanna Rob the Met Ball in the First Ocean’s 8 TrailerThis is your new favorite movie.
  7. ocean's eight
    Olivia Munn Had to Pay for Her Cameo in Ocean’s 8How much would you spend to be in a movie with Rihanna?
  8. skin deep
    Cate Blanchett on Female Judgment and How She’s Moisturized for Over a DecadeAnd her favorite sunscreen.
  9. celebrities
    Looks Like Kim Kardashian Is Making a Cameo in Ocean’s EightMore proof that Kim is getting back to her old self.
  10. movie magic
    Anna Wintour Will Reportedly Film a Met Gala Cameo in Ocean’s 8Top designers will reportedly also make an appearance.
  11. last night on late night
    Mindy Kaling Is Frustrated With All the Ocean’s Eight PaparazziEveryone thinks she’s Sandra Bullock’s assistant.
  12. Sarah Paulson Has No Time for Questions About On-Set Cat Fights“I just think it’s sort of sad, really, that that would be the expectation.”
  13. hot shot
    Skateboarding Dog Meets Two Famous FansThe real star of Ocean’s Eight.