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  1. fragrant friday
    Enjoy the Smell of Old Books and Black Pepper?Then you’ll like Odin’s new scent, 10 Roam.
  2. best bets
    Best Bet: Odin 08 Seylon FragranceA unisex fragrance inspired by sojourns in Sri Lanka.
  3. first looks
    First Looks: Kirna Zabête and Odin for TargetAvailable on September 9.
  4. loose threads
    Rihanna and Terry Richardson; Beth Ditto WeddingPlus, a preview of Francisco Costa’s line for Macy’s.
  5. beauty marks
    Daughter Tanning Bed; Cameron Diaz Short HairPlus, Beyoncé describes her pre-labor beauty plan.
  6. retail therapy
    Spring Forward With 100 Top Picks from RetailersWe went around the city and asked 100 of our favorite retailers what they were most excited to get in for spring 2010.
  7. men are the new women
    Duckie Brown’s Steven Cox: Fabric Doesn’t Have Genitals“Like, why is a chiffon women’s and why is it not men’s?”
  8. loose threads
    Iceberg Gets a New Artistic Director; Pregnant Models Hang Out TogetherAnd thigh-high boots can give you a muffin top.
  9. best bets
    Best Bet: Scent on the GoOdin just launched a trio of perfumes inspired by travel.
  10. store openings
    Odin Bows in the West VillageFully stocked with Phillip Lim, Richard Chai, Shipley & Halmos, and more.
  11. loose threads
    New Fendi Fashion Documentary; Kate Moss and Vanessa Paradis Land AnOther Magazine CoversAlso, Matthew Williamson and Erin Fetherston will appear on ‘The Beautiful Life.’
  12. tastemakers
    The Corpus Duo Likes Their Schoolboy Style Tinged With Hipster GrungeThe Ecco Domani Fashion Foundation Award winners discuss their new twist on American prep.
  13. ask a retailer
    Eddy Chai and Paul Birardi of Den and Odin Like Robert Geller’s Edgy LooksSo far, the owners of Den liked Robert Geller’s blending of American sportswear with dark edginess, Duckie Browne’s fun pom-poms, and Richard Chai’s detailing.
  14. tastemakers
    Eddy Chai and Paul Birardi Are Over 29-Inch Man WaistsThe style-savvy duo behind Odin, Pas de Deux, and Den talk about penny-pinchers, too-skinny men, and more.
  15. tastemakers
    A Peace Treaty Founders Hate How Dirty You LookA Peace Treaty started as a project between two friends, Dana Arbib and Farah Malik, eight months ago and has grown into a hot accessories line carried at Odin and Oak.
  16. first looks
    Newest Yohji Yamamoto Line ‘Coming Soon’ Just Arrived at OdinThe new line just hit last week and in limited supply. But new arrivals are en route.
  17. first responders
    Odin Duo Opening Women’s Store in AugustThe boys at Odin and pop-up Den are giving the ladies something to cheer about: our very own store called Pas de Deux.