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  1. science of us
    How Often Should I Wash My Office Water Bottle?I must know.
  2. advice
    Ask a Boss: What Should I Do About My Employee’s Affair?First assess how comfortable you are with your employee.
  3. In Japan, Sleeping on the Job Can Be Acceptable (If You Do It Right)It may also be the inspiration for Google’s famed nap pods.
  4. advice
    Ask a Boss: Everyone Thinks I’m an Assistant!Plus: How do I avoid becoming friends with my managers?
  5. office hours
    So, You’re Alone in the Office This WeekWhy not vape?
  6. work life
    What We Give Up When We Become EntrepreneursThe cubicle may be cozier, and more creativity inducing, than we think.
  7. cube life
    I Lost It When My Work Husband Left MeHe was always there for me — until he quit.
  8. office life
    Who’s Lazier: New Yorkers or Parisians? That’s Not a Leading Question. Really. And why are so many French workers flocking to Brooklyn?