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  1. office space
    6 Colorful Work-Friendly Skirts Under $200Pair with that SAD lamp at your cube to get through winter.
  2. brrr
    Desk Blankets to Keep You From Freezing at WorkIs the heat on? ‘Cause we can’t feel it.
  3. office space
    Make Your Desk Lunch Feel Like a Proper MealStop scarfing food from plastic containers.
  4. best bets
    Wear These Minimal Bangles Every DayThey’re subtle enough for work or weekend.
  5. office space
    How to Have the Classiest Desk in the OfficeFancy pens and paperweights.
  6. brrr
    Desk Blankets: Everything Wrong With This WorldWhy are offices so cold?
  7. A Chic Way to Send a Thank-you NoteNot a hot-pink monogram in sight.
  8. office space
    12 Cool, Simple Ways to Power Up Your DeskWho wants to work in a depressing gray cubicle?
  9. che bellissima
    An Unusual Stapler to Dress Up Your DeskWay better than that red Swingline from Office Space.