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  1. tempting fate
    I Want This Apologetic Possum to Destroy My LifeGo ahead and upend my week, adorable marsupial.
  2. work
    We Love and Support This Grim Office Worker of the Future“Emma,” a hunchbacked, red-eyed corporate drone, is what we all might look like in 20 years. Honestly, she seems nice.
  3. gender equality
    Men Finally Forced to Face the Wrath of Office Air-ConditioningAn upside to men wearing shorts.
  4. More Evidence That Open Offices Make People Less SocialBecause everybody’s listening to you.
  5. advice
    Ask a Boss: My Co-workers Are Gossiping About Me!Plus: I have nothing to do at my internship.
  6. lyons den
    First Look: Heather Clawson’s Habitually Chic: Creativity at WorkJenna Lyons, Chris Benz, and other fashion people show off their workspaces.