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Oh Canada

  1. oh canada
    Justin Trudeau Is Sorry He’s So Bad at JokesHe apologized for his “dumb joke” about “peoplekind.”
  2. oh canada
    Groundhog Bites Journalist, We Get 6 More Weeks of BloodShubenacadie Sam did not come to play.
  3. The Handmaid’s Tale Is the Best Advertisement for CanadaSo you want to flee to Canada, eh?
  4. oh canada!
    Look, It’s the Justin Trudeau Sweater of Your Erotic DreamsGet outta my dreams and onto my sweatshirt.
  5. oh canada!
    Justin Trudeau, Who is Also Hot, Made His Cabinet Fifty Percent WomenWhy? Because it’s 2015, man.
  6. you go helen mirren
    Helen Mirren Does the Royal Canadian Air Force Workout In 12 gentle minutes. 
  7. oh canada!
    Canada Objects to the Canadian Tuxedo A true tuxedo is “the apex of civilized, urbane” formalwear, after all.