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Oh Texas

  1. lgbtq rights
    Texas House Passes ‘Bathroom Bill’ That Targets Transgender StudentsIt’s similar to North Carolina’s infamous bathroom bill.
  2. lgbtq rights
    This Texas Bill Could Keep Trans Kids Out of SportsThe bill punishes steroid use, but Democrats say its real target is transgender students.
  3. abortion rights
    Your Guide to All the Crazy Abortion Legislation Happening in TexasTexas lawmakers are doubling down.
  4. abortion rights
    Planned Parenthood Takes Texas Back to CourtThe state is taking final steps to cut Planned Parenthood from its network of Medicaid providers.
  5. oh texas
    Charges Against David Daleiden DismissedA Texas judge dismissed the case on Tuesday.
  6. shmashmortion
    Texas Senate Passes Filibustered Abortion BillAs expected.