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  1. power
    Oklahoma Judge Ridiculed Prosecutor’s ‘Baby Hands’ Mid-Murder TrialShe’s under review over the 500 inappropriate texts she allegedly sent to the bailiff.
  2. coronavirus
    23 Sisters in One Sorority Have Tested Positive for CoronavirusYet another ominous sign as universities bring students back to campus.
  3. abortion
    Every State That’s Tried to Ban Abortion Over the CoronavirusSo far, six states have tried to halt nearly all abortion services, claiming they’re “nonessential.”
  4. scenes
    New York’s Hottest Club Is the Chili Line at a Broadway ShowEveryone’s doing it for the beans.
  5. politics
    Republican State Senator Accused of Sexually Assaulting Female Uber DriverShe told police that State Senator Bryce Marlatt grabbed her and forcibly kissed her neck.
  6. Oklahoma Anti-Abortion Lawmaker Says Women Are Merely ‘Hosts’“What I call them is, is you’re a ‘host.’”
  7. Activists Just Scored a Major Victory for Abortion Rights in OklahomaOklahoma Supreme Court blocked a law requiring hospital-admitting privileges for abortion doctors.
  8. anti-choice
    Oklahoma Will Require Anti-Abortion Signs to Be Hung in Public RestroomsThis is projected to cost over $2 million.
  9. shmashmortion
    Oklahoma Gets First New Abortion Clinic in 42 YearsBut only thanks to a Kansas-based group.
  10. shmashmortion
    Oklahoma Wants to Use Public Schools to Achieve an ‘Abortion-Free Society’Teens will learn that life begins at conception but, curiously, they will not be taught how to prevent pregnancy.
  11. lgbt rights
    Oklahoma’s Anti-Transgender Bathroom Bill Rightfully BackfiredFor now, this fight is over.
  12. shmashmortion
    Oklahoma Governor Vetoes Absurd Bill That Would Have Effectively Banned AbortionHappy Friday?
  13. complete and utter garbage
    Oklahoma Passed an Insane Bill That Would Make Performing an Abortion a FelonyNot okay, Oklahoma.
  14. can u not
    Oklahoma Court Rules Forced Oral Sex Isn’t Rape If the Victim Is UnconsciousWell, isn’t that something?
  15. reproductive wrongs
    Oklahoma’s New Anti-Choice Bill Targets DoctorsPerform a constitutionally protected medical procedure and lose your license.