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  1. celebrity birthdays
    Olivia Rodrigo Is Finally Old Enough to Drink LegallyShe celebrated with her most famous friends and lots of cake.
  2. grammys 2024
    Grammys 2024: All the Looks From the Red CarpetIncluding all your favorite pop girls!
  3. celebrity
    Olivia Rodrigo Made Out With Her New Boyfriend at a Gas StationTime to Google “Louis Partridge.”
  4. q+a
    What It’s Like to Have Olivia Rodrigo Stab Your Cakes“I was so excited to see her just absolutely destroy them.”
  5. abortion rights
    Olivia Rodrigo, Megan Thee Stallion, and Phoebe Bridgers Send SCOTUS a MessageThe singers expressed anger at the Dobbs decision during their Glastonbury sets.
  6. parties!
    The Bestest Party Looks of the WeekCue the Met Gala after-party FOMO.
  7. it’s brutal out here
    Olivia Rodrigo Paused Her Concert to Talk About AbortionCareful, SCOTUS, she could write a song about you next.
  8. parties!
    The Bestest Party Looks of the WeekThis one goes to Olivia Rodrigo and her sweater vest.
  9. celebrity
    Olivia Rodrigo Reportedly Has a New BoyfriendAlexa, who is Zack Bia?
  10. grammys 2022
    Oops, Olivia Rodrigo Broke a GrammyBrutal.
  11. grammys 2022
    Olivia Rodrigo Is Obviously the Best New ArtistNo word on if she drove herself to the show.
  12. grammys 2022
    Grammy Awards 2022 Red Carpet: All the LooksLady Gaga, Olivia Rodrigo, Lenny Kravitz, Lil Nas X, Billie Eilish, and more.
  13. the grammys
    Are You Ready for Another Awards Show?The Grammys are this Sunday in Las Vegas.
  14. it’s good 4 u
    Olivia Rodrigo Is Finally Going on TourCan April come sooner?
  15. gift guides
    Correction: Joe Biden Did Not Give Olivia Rodrigo a ShoehornTurns out it was an ice-cream scoop.
  16. olivia rodrigo
    So Much Is Happening on Top of Olivia Rodrigo’s HeadGod bless “brutal” and its enormous hair budget.
  17. it’s brutal out here
    Apparently There Are Some Issues With Olivia Rodrigo’s MerchFans report undersizing, obvious misprints, and some items they didn’t even ask for.
  18. the cut podcast
    Where’s My F- - -king Teenage Dream?On this week’s episode, talking to sad girls with big feelings about the heartaches of teen-dom.
  19. ooh la la
    Looks Like Olivia Rodrigo Got Over the ‘Drivers License’ GuyShe and her rumored new boyfriend have entered the “give us a little kiss” phase of the relationship.
  20. culture
    Only Olivia Rodrigo Could Make Me Want to Relive PromHer livestream party definitely looked cooler than any I went to in high school.
  21. never felt this way for no one
    Olivia Rodrigo, Please, I Am 30Her debut album Sour is giving me feelings I aged out of over a decade ago.
  22. power
    Gold House Celebrates the Most Impactful Asians and Pacific IslandersIts A100 List includes Olivia Rodrigo, Kamala Harris, and Chloé Zhao.
  23. niche drama
    I Know Too Much About This Disney Love Triangle NowThe drama started with Olivia Rodrigo’s “drivers license,” and now everyone (allegedly!) involved has released their own song.