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Olivier Sarkozy

  1. society pages
    British ‘It’ Couples Take Holiday Bar“Restaurants are mayhem” and other overheard things at an opening attended by Sienna Miller, Alexa Chung, and Olivier Sarkozy.
  2. celebrity splits
    Mary-Kate’s Divorce Has Hit a RoadblockHer emergency application to begin proceedings against Olivier Sarkozy has been denied.
  3. marriage: an investigation
    Close Reading Three Very Different Celebrity MarriagesWhat Billy Bob and Angelina, Mary Kate and Sarkozy, and Mike and Karen Pence can teach us about marriage.
  4. engagements
    Mary-Kate Olsen and Carla Bruni Will Be SistersJust what she needs. More sisters.
  5. love and basketball
    Knicks Games a Potent Aphrodisiac for Mary-Kate Olsen and Olivier SarkozyGet a room (more private than MSG)!
  6. true love
    Olivier Sarkozy’s Ex-Wife ‘Loves’ Mary-Kate OlsenOr maybe she just wants free clothes.
  7. true love
    Did the Miami Herald Just Ruin Markozy for All of Us?Olivier Sarkozy was spotted “getting cozy with a brunette woman who was not Mary-Kate Olsen.”
  8. love and basketball
    GIF: Olivier Sarkozy Kisses Mary-Kate Olsen at the Knicks GameThe Cut makes a Kiss Cam.
  9. frankenstorm
    Roitfeld and Wintour Took Refuge Under Same RoofMaybe they even snuggled! But probably not.
  10. true love
    Mary-Kate Olsen on Seeing Olivier Sarkozy: ‘Everyone Has an Opinion’She speaks.
  11. true love
    Olivier Sarkozy Couldn’t Be Prouder of His ‘Innovator of the Year’ Shivers.
  12. true love
    Olsen-Sarkozy Mishpacha Does LunchMary-Kate, Ashley, and Olivier.
  13. true love
    Olivier Sarkozy and Mary-Kate Olsen Swung by Their New Townhouse YesterdayDown on East 10th Street.
  14. true love
    Olivier Sarkozy’s New Townhouse Also Has a TwinJust like Mary-Kate Olsen!
  15. true love
    Judgmental French Press on Olivier SarkozyPffft.
  16. true love
    Sarkozy Moves to Be Closer to Mary-Kate Olsen?But “they’re not officially moving in together.”
  17. true love
    Mary-Kate Olsen Brought Olivier Sarkozy to GymThings (supposed) couples do!
  18. true love
    Mary-Kate Olsen and Olivier Sarkozy on TuesdayThey were seen “smooching.”
  19. true love
    Mary-Kate Olsen Spent Some Quality Time With Olivier Sarkozy’s DaughterAnd they had a blast!
  20. true love
    Sarkozy Ex-Wife Not Into Olsen RelationshipAnd “not right.”
  21. true love
    Mary-Kate Olsen’s New Sarkozy Friend Was Told to ‘Tone It Down’Join the cult of the oversize sunglasses, Olivier.