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Olivier Sarkozy

  1. celebrity splits
    Mary-Kate’s Divorce Has Hit a RoadblockHer emergency application to begin proceedings against Olivier Sarkozy has been denied.
  2. marriage: an investigation
    Close Reading Three Very Different Celebrity MarriagesWhat Billy Bob and Angelina, Mary Kate and Sarkozy, and Mike and Karen Pence can teach us about marriage.
  3. engagements
    Mary-Kate Olsen and Carla Bruni Will Be SistersJust what she needs. More sisters.
  4. love and basketball
    Knicks Games a Potent Aphrodisiac for Mary-Kate Olsen and Olivier SarkozyGet a room (more private than MSG)!
  5. true love
    Olivier Sarkozy’s Ex-Wife ‘Loves’ Mary-Kate OlsenOr maybe she just wants free clothes.
  6. true love
    Did the Miami Herald Just Ruin Markozy for All of Us?Olivier Sarkozy was spotted “getting cozy with a brunette woman who was not Mary-Kate Olsen.”
  7. love and basketball
    GIF: Olivier Sarkozy Kisses Mary-Kate Olsen at the Knicks GameThe Cut makes a Kiss Cam.
  8. frankenstorm
    Roitfeld and Wintour Took Refuge Under Same RoofMaybe they even snuggled! But probably not.
  9. true love
    Mary-Kate Olsen on Seeing Olivier Sarkozy: ‘Everyone Has an Opinion’She speaks.
  10. true love
    Olivier Sarkozy Couldn’t Be Prouder of His ‘Innovator of the Year’ Shivers.
  11. true love
    Olsen-Sarkozy Mishpacha Does LunchMary-Kate, Ashley, and Olivier.
  12. true love
    Olivier Sarkozy and Mary-Kate Olsen Swung by Their New Townhouse YesterdayDown on East 10th Street.
  13. true love
    Olivier Sarkozy’s New Townhouse Also Has a TwinJust like Mary-Kate Olsen!
  14. true love
    Judgmental French Press on Olivier SarkozyPffft.
  15. true love
    Sarkozy Moves to Be Closer to Mary-Kate Olsen?But “they’re not officially moving in together.”
  16. true love
    Mary-Kate Olsen Brought Olivier Sarkozy to GymThings (supposed) couples do!
  17. true love
    Mary-Kate Olsen and Olivier Sarkozy on TuesdayThey were seen “smooching.”
  18. true love
    Mary-Kate Olsen Spent Some Quality Time With Olivier Sarkozy’s DaughterAnd they had a blast!
  19. true love
    Sarkozy Ex-Wife Not Into Olsen RelationshipAnd “not right.”
  20. true love
    Mary-Kate Olsen’s New Sarkozy Friend Was Told to ‘Tone It Down’Join the cult of the oversize sunglasses, Olivier.