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  1. faces of things
    Phelps Keeps His Medals and Vuitton CampaignIt’s bath time.
  2. the gandy man can
    David Gandy on the Closing Ceremony Green RoomThere was tea! And cake.
  3. daily male
    What David Gandy Thought of His Olympic Closing Ceremony PerformanceHe’s way too hard on himself.
  4. zigazig ha
    Victoria Beckham Did, in Fact, Wear Giles Deacon to the Olympic Closing CeremonyBut what did everyone else have on?
  5. faces of things
    Michael Phelps Doesn’t Bathe for Louis Vuitton, Apparently [Updated]That ad floating around has not been authorized by the brand.
  6. divas
    In Honor of the Spice Girls: A Tribute to Girl Groups Past and PresentThe Dixie Chicks, TLC, Destiny’s Child, the Shirelles, and many more.
  7. zigazig ha
    Spice Girls to Olympics’ Closing Ceremony: Pimp My RideEach girl gets to ride on top of her own bedazzled taxi for Sunday’s performance.
  8. olympic fever
    Video: Ryan Lochte Expounds on Pool PeeHe can totally pee faster than Michael Phelps.
  9. naked-o-meter
    The Male Olympian Nudity IndexThe Cut gets super scientific measuring male athletes’ nudity.
  10. zigazig ha
    Mel B.’s Stylist: Stop Right Now, Thank You Very MuchThe Spice Girls won’t wear Giles Deacon for the Olympics’ closing ceremony, supposedly.
  11. model tracker
    More on Ryan Lochte and Michael Phelps’s Respective ‘Model’ Lady FriendsAnnabeth Murphy-Thomas and Megan Rossee.
  12. duchessess!!!
    Slideshow: Witness Kate Middleton’s Emotional Roller Coaster at the OlympicsAnxiety! Relief! Suspense!
  13. olympic fever
    Ryan Lochte May Have Pulled a Kristen Stewart This WeekendLet the Lochte sex-scandal rumors commence!
  14. olympic fever
    Olympic Cheerleaders, Their Outfits, and Their Well-Documented ButtsUnderstanding cheer at the 2012 Games.
  15. olympic fever
    A Few Words on Olympic Nail ArtThe athletes’ default beauty statement.
  16. olympic fever
    Deep Thoughts From Ryan LochteHe’s more than just a nice set of abs, people.
  17. olympic fever
    Video: Ryan Lochte, As Explained by His Mom, Matt Lauer, and HimselfHe’s just a free spirit, see. 
  18. olympic fever
    What to Wear on Your Date With Ryan LochtePants, maybe.
  19. olympic fever
    Stella McCartney Marvels at the Olympic VelcroAnd papier-mâché!
  20. olympic fever
    Not Even Olympic Officials Can Keep Ryan Lochte From His Diamond GrillExpress yourself!
  21. mobama duchesses!!! watch
    Michelle Obama and Kate Middleton Meet Again!It’s so exciting when our look books collide like this!
  22. olympic fever
    Ryan Lochte Participates in the U.S. Swim Team’s ‘Call Me Maybe’ VideoHe blows a kiss!
  23. olympic fever
    Who’s Excited for the Olympics?!WE ARE.
  24. olympic fever
    Egypt’s Athletes Wear Knockoff Nike and AdidasThe country’s committee chairman is totally cool with it.
  25. the karl of it all
    Karl Lagerfeld Was Really on a Roll Last Night“It’s a joke. It’s an inspiration. In a way, it’s me.”
  26. the karl of it all
    Karl Lagerfeld’s Olympics-Themed CollectionAnd jackets and skinny jeans.
  27. zigazig ha
    The Spice Girls Will, in Fact, Spice Up Your Olympics Closing Ceremony“Colors of the world/ Spice up your life/ Every boy and every girl/ Spice up your life.”
  28. McCartney Hopes No One Mixes Up Her Olympic KitAlso, she did vodka shots (plural!) at the Met Ball last year.
  29. lonesome dov
    The Russian Olympic Committee Doesn’t Know What Dov Charney Is Talking AboutAmerican Apparel isn’t making the country’s uniforms anytime soon.
  30. zigazig ha
    Victoria Beckham and Spice Girls at Olympics?The Spice Girls might perform two songs at the Games’ closing ceremony.
  31. first looks
    Exclusive First Look: Opening Ceremony’s London Pop-up StorePlus, Chloë Sevigny’s special capsule collection.
  32. olympic fever
    Brazilians Won’t Be Upstaged at the OlympicsSo they’re sending Alessandra Ambrosio to London.
  33. backlashes
    The House on the Olympic Uniforms“Outraged.”
  34. olympic fever
    Kate Moss Said to Walk at London OlympicsFor a salary of £1.
  35. backlashes
    Ralph Lauren’s Next Olympic Outfits Will Be Made in the USATo make everyone feel better about this year’s uniforms being made in China.
  36. tear sheets
    Karlie Kloss Takes a Steamy Shower in McQueenAnd more from Vogue’s new Olympics-themed editorial.
  37. a rare post on sports
    Ralph Lauren Reveals U.S. Olympic Closing Ceremony OutfitsFor the ladies, Lauren created white shirt-dresses and booties, and for the men, white button-downs and trousers.
  38. olympic fever
    Olympic Volleyball Players Now Spared From Skimpy OutfitsThey’re allowed to cover up their six-pack abs, if they so desire.
  39. preposterous backlashes
    Stella McCartney Responds to Grumpy Olympic Uniform HatersApparently some people feel the uniforms should be “more red.”
  40. olympic fever
    Giorgio Armani Accused of Trying to Steal Stella McCartney’s Olympic ThunderHe unveiled his own Olympics campaign today, too.
  41. a rare post on sports
    See All the Spandex That Stella McCartney Designed for the British Olympic TeamIt’s Union Jack–inspired, of course.