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  1. hairy situations
    Ouai Created a Modern Version of Sun-InA lemon-juice mix for your hair, not your water.
  2. hairy situations
    Jared Leto’s Hair Looks Good Even Under a Santa HatWhy is it so shiny?
  3. hairy situations
    What’s Next After Ombré: The Hair Color That Lasts 6 MonthsFormulated to make it look like you spent the summer on the beach. 
  4. hot shot
    Jared Leto’s Green Hair Tests the Limits of Our LoveWhy, Jared?
  5. hommebré
    Q&A: Jared Leto’s Hairstylists on His Mystical Ombré Hair“Maybe we call it Hommebré.”
  6. hair color
    Ombré Hair Gets a New Breath of DIY LifeAnd invades your home bathroom for DIY dye jobs.